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    Vote-buying incidents highest in Bangkok during General Elections, says EC

    The Election Commission (EC) reported that the majority of vote-buying incidents during yesterday’s elections took place in Bangkok, which boasts the highest number of constituencies among all provinces. Despite this, the EC noted that the overall number of poll-related violations was lower than in previous elections. EC secretary-general Sawaeng Boonmee disclosed that the commission received 163 complaints yesterday, with 58…

  • Thailand News

    Thai police keep an eye on vote-buying in competitive provinces

    Thai police are keeping a vigilant eye on incidents of vote-buying today, following allegations of election law malpractices in three intensely competitive provinces. After a meeting with election officials, National Police Chief Police General Damrongsak Kittiprapas confirmed yesterday the arrest of a man in the northeast Bueng Kan province, under the suspicion of vote-buying. Evidence collected during the arrest included…

  • Northern Thailand News

    Thai villagers complain to Election Commission over alleged vote-buying

    Thai Villagers from Non Reuang, in the district of Ban Kho in the northeast Khon Kaen province, stormed the Election Commission (EC) office with their lawyer and village headman, accusing a well-known political party’s candidate of engaging in vote-buying activities. The villagers presented video clips and witness statements to the investigative team, along with an official complaint against the alleged…