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    Kiwi couple demands refund from Qantas after 10-hour flight in urine

    In a stomach-churning revelation, a New Zealand couple successfully secured a refund from Qantas Airways, alleging they unwittingly spent a 10-hour flight submerged in a fellow passenger’s urine. The revolting journey unfolded during a flight from Bangkok to Sydney, leaving the couple fuming and the airline scrambling for damage control. A Qantas spokesperson provided a statement, acknowledging the disturbing incident…

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    Taking the p*ss: Experts decode urine’s health secrets

    Your urine colour could reveal your health issues, according to urological experts. These professionals recommend self-health checks by observing one’s urine colour, as this can reflect physical discomfort. Urine is typically pale yellow and clear, with more water consumption leading to clearer urine. However, if despite high water intake, your urine remains dark yellow or conversely, without consuming a lot…