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  • Crime

    Violent criminals in Thailand to be tagged for 10 years after release to protect women

    Soon, criminals put away for violent crimes against women in Thailand will have to wear an electric monitoring (EM) ankle bracelet for up to 10 years after their release. The new law – Measures for the Prevention of Repeat Offenses in Sexual or Violent Crimes Act – aims to reduce the chance of reoffending, prevent violence against women and make…

  • Cannabis News

    Thailand bans recreational use of cannabis inside cafes

    Cannabis shops and cafes in Thailand are no longer allowed to let customers smoke the plant recreationally on the premises anymore. On-site consumption of cannabis for medical purposes is still permitted if the cannabis is sold by a medical practitioner. The announcement was made in the Royal Gazette yesterday and is effective immediately. The announcement states that the Ministry of…

  • Thailand

    Woman faces jail for trafficking girls after karaoke raid in Thailand

    A Thai woman faces a ten-year prison term and a heavy fine after police raided a karaoke bar and found scantily-clad underage girls serving alcohol in the Lat Yao district of central Thailand. Acting on complaints from residents nearby, officers from the Department of Provincial Administration (DPA) law enforcement team burst into the Ran Theederm karaoke bar at Moo 11…

  • Thailand

    What Happens When Foreigners Die In Thailand?

    Do you need a will as a foreigner or expat living in Thailand? What roles do the embassy have to play in such a case? What if you don’t have a will? Does all your money and assets go to the state if you don’t have a beneficiary? Is it cheap or expensive to have a will? Tim sits with…

  • Thailand

    The Role of Embassies For Foreigners in Thailand

    What is the role of embassies in Thailand and when do we need them as a foreigner or expat in Thailand? Are some embassies better than others? Tim sits with Ben Hart from Integrity legal to find out the use of embassies in Thailand.

  • Thailand

    Do you legally have to wear masks in Thailand?

    With the Covid 19 pandemic came the wearing of masks as the new normal in Thailand, and many other countries around the world. Some people are fine with wearing masks whilst other remain strongly opposed to it, for a variety of reasons. Whether you like it or not it is “strongly encouraged” to wear a mask in Thailand. But do…

  • Thailand

    Confusion over cannabis laws, Thai officials consider decriminalisation

    Thai officials are looking into decriminalising cannabis… but not recreational use. The Thai Food and Drug Administration is set to meet with the Office of the Narcotics Control Board today and propose removing cannabis from a list of controlled drugs. Then, the measure will need to be approved by the Public Health Ministry, which is led by a cannabis advocate…

  • Thailand

    Can you protest in Thailand as a foreigner?

    Can a foreigner in Thailand go out on to the streets and protest and express his opinion? Will you get dragged away by the police and put into jail? Should you be protesting at all even though it might not have anything to do with you as a guest in the country? What are the things you can and can’t…

  • Thailand

    How do you get permanent residency in Thailand?

    What is the point of getting permanent residency in Thailand? What are the benefits of having such a document? What are the things you can and can’t do? What is the criteria for being able to apply for a PR? Find out more in todays episode where Tim sits down with Benjamin Hart from Integrity Legal to talk about the…

  • Thailand

    Does Thailand recognise legal gay marriage from other countries?

    Does Thailand care about civil partnerships or gay marriage? Does Thailand recognise legal gay marriage from other countries? When will parliament implement changes? Tim sits down with Benjamin Hart from Integrity Legal to talk about Civil Partnerships in Thailand.

  • Thailand

    Will legalising prostitution benefit Thailand? | Lawyers, Guns & Money

    What is the law regarding prostitution in Thailand? What gets a person in trouble with the law? How do the police deal with prostitution in Thailand? Would it be more beneficial for Thailand to have legal prostitution? Find out more in todays episode where Tim sits down with Benjamin Hart from Integrity Legal to talk about Prostitution in Thailand.

  • Thailand

    Thai female lawyers to fight law that bans them from wearing trousers in court

    Female lawyers in Thailand are fighting back against an archaic law that prohibits them from wearing trousers in court. Thai PBS World reports that the Human Rights Lawyers Association has teamed up with the Nitihub forum for public discussion to petition the Thai Bar Association to change the law. Both groups say they will take their complaint to the Central…

  • Thailand

    The future of Covid vaccine ‘passports’ in access to services | VIDEO

    Tim Newton speaks to Bangkok lawyer Benjamin Hart from Integrity Legal (link below). Ben is concerned at recent mutterings from the Thai government which may have insisted on proof of covid vaccines for any number of services, from simply eating to domestic travel. There is currently an instance on proof of vaccines for any provincial travel in Thailand in and…

  • Thailand

    Polygamy is not under Thai law, but the lifestyle is still practiced

    While polygamy in Thailand isn’t as prevalent as it was a century ago and the marriages aren’t recognised under Thai law, the lifestyle is still practiced by some. Thai media reporters recently interviewed a polygamous trio and apparently “life is good,” according to the husband with 2 wives. The wives didn’t seem to do much talking in the interview. Reporters…

  • Thailand

    Man arrested for allegedly overstaying 60 day tourist visa by 7 years

    Immigration police arrested a 40 year old Nigerian man for allegedly overstaying his visa by 2,683 days. The man entered Thailand in April 2014 on a 60 day tourist visa. He was arrested in in Ratchathewi district of Bangkok. Illegal immigration is considered as a major factor of the second wave of Covid-19 after the outbreak Samut Sakhon seafood market…

  • Thailand

    Thai law to be amended to allow for abortion up to 12 weeks

    The Thai Cabinet has approved an amendment to the country’s laws that will permit abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Government deputy spokesperson Ratchada Thanadirek confirmed the amendment in a press statement yesterday. “The cabinet has approved to amend the law of abortion in the Thailand Criminal Code, Section 301, for women who are not more than 12…

  • Thailand

    When next in Thailand, don’t do these things – VIDEO

    Most of the time you’re spoiled for choice with things to do in Thailand. It’s what makes the country so popular for overseas visitors, and as a place to live. But there are a few things that may be worth avoiding, despite being available, during your time in the Land of Smiles. Here’s The Thaiger’s Top 10 list of potential…

  • Thailand

    Digital Minister defends decision to ban Pornhub

    Following backlash on the move to block PornHub and other websites considered “offensive,” the Minister of Digital Economy and Society Buddhipongse Punnakanta says he is standing by his decision, adding that the pornography violates children’s and women’s rights. Pornography is illegal in Thailand. Buddhipongse says the explicit videos gave access to users of any age. He says Pornhub not only…

  • Crime

    Student activist arrested on charges from protesting

    Police arrested a student while he protesting outside a market PM Prayut Chan-o-cha was visiting. The student Panupong Jadnok, known as Mike Rayong, was holding up a sign saying “1,000 rai sea reclamation. What will Rayong people get?” Apparently Mike’s land reclamation protest didn’t have much to do with his arrest. He had an arrest warrant for his role in…

  • Thailand

    Thailand launches renewed crackdown on electronic cigarettes

    PHOTO: AFP Electronic cigarettes have been banned in Thailand since 2014 but enforcement of the ban has been sporadic. However, a report in the Chiang Rai Times says Thai authorities are now cracking down hard, with thousands of e-cigarettes confiscated in the last 3 weeks. At a press briefing this week, the police, working with a consumer protection agency, confirmed…

  • Thailand

    Thailand’s Court of Justice says chief judges can screen verdicts of junior judges

    PHOTO: AFP The spokesman of the Court of Justice, Mr. Suriyan Hongvilai, says regional chief judges can legally screen the decisions of the lower courts and provide advisory feedback if they disagree with verdicts. However, he adds that judges in the lower courts are independent and do have the final say. Thai PBS World reports that Mr Suriyan says such…

  • South

    Special committee to investigate Yala judge suicide attempt

    Photo montage: Bangla Tribune The Nation reports that a special panel will investigate the case of a judge in southern Thailand shooting himself in court, after he was allegedly made to change the verdict he handed down. The committee is expected to report back in 15 days, confirms deputy secretary-general of the Office of the Judiciary, Sarawut Benjakul. It’s understood…