Sukhumvit Bangkok

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    No bribery found in Sukhumvit Road collapse incident, Bangkok police claim

    A recent police investigation has concluded that there was no bribery involved in the incident of an overloaded truck causing a cover at a roadworks site on Sukhumvit Road to collapse last week. The truck’s high weight was initially suspected to be due to bribery, which allowed it to exceed the maximum load limit. The suspicion was triggered by a…

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    Why Sukhumvit is a popular area to live in Bangkok

    If you’ve ever dreamt of living in a bustling location that knows how to pamper its residents with a true cosmopolitan lifestyle, then Sukhumvit should be on top of your list. This vibrant area in Bangkok is not only popular for shopping, dining, and nightlife but has also become a favourite residential spot for both locals and expats. Read on…