• Thailand News

    Bangkok street food vendor dies after punch in card game dispute

    A Bangkok street food vendor succumbed to injuries sustained from a single punch delivered by a friend during a drunken altercation over alleged cheating in a card game. The incident, which took place yesterday, February 12, resulted in the 49 year old vendor, Wichok, being found unconscious in his room with a swollen, bruised face and bleeding from the nose…

  • Phuket News

    British man punches tuk tuk taxi driver after crash in Patong

    There’s been another late-night conflict in Patong. A British man punched a tuk tuk taxi driver in Patong following a crash late on Tuesday night. The incident occurred after a group of foreign motorbike riders, including the suspect, crashed into a parked tuk tuk taxi. The tuk tuk taxi driver, Armin Longklang, demanded compensation for the damage caused to his…