Pros and cons

  • Lifestyle

    The pros and cons of participating in the gig economy

    With the rise of the gig economy, more people these days are choosing to work as independent contractors and freelancers. Since it provides flexible, temporary work options and introduces a fresh viewpoint on autonomy and work-life balance, it is revolutionising the traditional job market. However, because it has less job stability and typical employment benefits, it raises questions about equality…

  • Retire in Thailand

    Rural vs city retirement: Costs, healthcare, and lifestyle compared

    Picking the perfect spot to retire in Thailand is like choosing between a cosy blanket and a thrilling book; both have their charms! If you’re mulling over this big step, it’s cool to weigh up the laid-back vibes of rural areas against the lively buzz of its cities. Fancy a quiet nook surrounded by nature? After retirement, rural Thailand could…