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    Minimum wage increase pledge sparks hotel industry crisis

    Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s promise to boost the minimum wage to 400 baht by October 1 has set off alarms in the private sector, particularly among hoteliers. Concerns abound as businesses foresee a hefty 15 to 20% surge in costs across goods and services, presenting a formidable hurdle for the hospitality sector. The impending wage revision marks the third adjustment…

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    Thai private sector braced for impact amid political unrest and government delays

    Protests and potential political instability are causing growing unease within Thailand‘s private sector, chiefly due to the impact of delays in forming the country’s new government. The possible effects are multifaceted, potentially touching areas such as new investments and the tourism industry. The Thai Chamber of Commerce’s vice-chairman, Poj Aramwattananont, expressed concern yesterday in light of recent moves by the…