• Thailand News

    Domino’s Pizza asserts dough supremacy over flaky rivals

    Domino’s declared war on its rivals, Pizza Hut and The Pizza Company, asserting that its food quality and promotions are far superior to those of its rivals after both brands faced a customer backlash due to failed sales systems during special promotions. The Pizza Company, a leading brand in Thailand, launched a special promotion on May 21, offering medium-sized pizzas…

  • Business News

    Pizza company projects 15% sales growth despite food delivery downturn

    Despite a challenging economic environment and a downturn in the food delivery sector, The Pizza Company remains optimistic about its growth prospects, projecting a 15% increase in sales this year. This confidence stems from its 20-minute delivery guarantee and strategic initiatives aimed at attracting younger customers. The company, a subsidiary of Minor Food, continues to focus on providing a value-for-money…