myanmar labourers

  • Business News

    Myanmar conflict may drive surge of workers to Thailand

    The ongoing conflict in Myanmar is predicted to drive its citizens towards Thailand in search of work, according to the Employers’ Confederation of Thai Trade and Industry (EconThai). Following the 2021 military coup and the government’s urgent need to bolster its forces through conscription, Myanmar residents eager to avoid the draft may seek refuge in Thailand, potentially entering the labour…

  • Crime News

    Cargo caper: Hidden migrant workers in household goods truck foiled in Bangkok

    The illegal transportation of migrant workers into Bangkok was recently foiled by highway police. A truck, which was seemingly moving household items, was intercepted, revealing nine Myanmar migrant workers hidden within the cargo. Investigations are underway to establish the full extent of this smuggling operation. Today, highway police in Ayutthaya, led by officer Paphinwit Udomphorn, continued their operation against the…

  • Road deaths

    Myanmar labourers killed in Tak road crash: Illegal worker transportation suspected

    A severe road accident in the northern Tak province claimed the lives of five labourers from Myanmar and left 12 others wounded. The crash took place at Tak main city junction on Phahonyothin Road today at 4am. The collision was between a six-wheeled Isuzu truck, registration 74-4144 Samut Prakan, and a Toyota pickup truck with the registration plate บล4295 Kamphaeng…