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    Ex-Labour Ministry secretary faces horror as 40 million baht property title deeds vanish

    A former Labour Ministry secretary revealed a shocking case where his mortgage title deeds for a home and land worth 40 million baht have disappeared. The property, a 418 square metre lot in an upscale village in Nonthaburi province, was mortgaged to a reputable bank in 2003. Paisan (surname withheld) explained that he had been regularly servicing the debt, reducing…

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    Can expats get a loan in Thailand?

    As an expat living in Thailand, you may have often wondered, “Can I get a loan as a foreigner in Thailand?” Maybe you’re eyeing that lovely condominium in the heart of Bangkok, dreaming of a shiny new car, planning your dream tropical wedding by the beach, or thinking of sprucing up your home. And naturally, you’re looking at loans to…