• Thailand News

    Mongolia opens honorary consulate in Phuket, boosting ties

    Phuket marked a significant milestone as Mongolia inaugurated its honorary consulate on the island, coinciding with the 49th anniversary of its diplomatic ties with Thailand last week. The consulate’s office is located at the Gig Hotel on Soi Bangla in the Patong district. The opening ceremony saw the attendance of key figures including Tumur Amarsanaa, Mongolia’s ambassador to Thailand, Nutthaphong…

  • World News

    Mongolia battles desertification as yellow dust storms become more frequent

    Baruun-Urt, Mongolia is witnessing frequent strong winds and heavy dust storms as the country experiences increasing desertification and land degradation. A decline in vegetation cover has affected approximately 77% of Mongolia’s total territory, according to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Climate change and human activities are believed to be the primary causes of desertification in the country. In April,…