• Thailand News

    Thai woman’s nostrils infested by hundreds of maggots

    A Thai woman got more than she bargained for during a routine nasal examination when doctors unearthed a horrifying secret lurking inside her nose. A 59 year old Thai woman received a chilling diagnosis during what she thought was a routine visit to address her stuffy nose. Doctors at Nakornping Hospital, nestled in Thailand’s Chiang Mai Province, made a startling discovery,…

  • World News

    Turkish boy discovers 11 maggots after troubling eye irritation

    In a recent shocking discovery in Turkey, a 10 year old boy was found to have no less than 11 live maggots residing under his left eyelid. The disturbing incident occurred after the boy made known his irritation and itching in his eye, Newsweek reported. The incident began with the boy’s parents seeking medical advice on July 5, after their…