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    Fatal Pattaya accident: 57 year old woman on motorbike struck by school van

    A tragic accident occurred at a bustling intersection in Pattaya when a 57 year old woman on a motorbike was fatally struck by a school van. The incident happened yesterday around 6.30am at the Wat Boonkanjanaram traffic signal intersection. The police, led by Deputy Inspector Kotanan, were alerted and promptly arrived at the scene with the Sawangboriboon Thammasathan Pattaya rescue…

  • Thailand News

    Bangkok intersection project expedited for August completion amid safety concerns

    The Bangkok City Administration, led by Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, has instructed the contracting company of the Na Ranong Bangkok intersection flyover project to expedite the delayed construction and ensure its completion by the end of this month. Pedestrians have been faced with risk by an unfinished footbridge under the flyover. The previous infrastructure was removed, leading pedestrians to risk their…

  • Northern Thailand News

    Deadly intersection sparks ghostly fears, Thai villagers hold exorcism ceremony

    The deadly intersection known as the ‘100-corpse intersection’ in Thailand‘s northern Phayao province has locals on edge, with frequent accidents and fatalities causing ongoing fear. Residents in the Wat Pa Lan Kam community have sought the help of monks to perform an exorcism ceremony in an attempt to ward off evil spirits associated with the so-called ‘spirit of the deceased.’…