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    TCC proposes temporary power tariff reduction for Thai households

    The Consumers Council (TCC) has proposed a temporary reduction in power tariffs to alleviate the financial strain on Thai households during the summer’s peak demand. This request follows the Energy Regulatory Commission’s (ERC) suggested alterations to the current power rate, which critics argue would not result in cheaper electricity bills. Critics contend that the ERC’s adjustments primarily aim to lessen…

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    TikTok mobile shop owner praised for aiding elderly man with utility bills

    A TikTok user who runs a mobile phone repair and purchase store made headlines this week for his kindness towards an elderly man that pawns his mobile phone every month to pay his utility bills. The shop owner not only refrains from charging interest but also provides the elderly man with food to take home. The account @5parinyaaek888 posted a…

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    Caretaker Cabinet seeks approval for 10.4 Billion baht subsidy cut on household power bills

    The caretaker Cabinet is set to submit a revised proposal to the Election Commission (EC) for approval of a reduced subsidy of 10.464 billion baht for household power bills, a 648 million baht decrease compared to the previous request that was turned down by the regulator. The initial proposal called for an 11.112 billion baht subsidy, which would be funded…