flight crash

  • Aviation News

    Understanding the risk of personal belongings during aircraft evacuations

    Did you know that aircraft evacuations occur more frequently than you might think? These events bring to mind the fiery plane cases, similar to the Haneda Airport incident, underscoring the potentially life-threatening risks of personal belongings. Yesterday, January 2, an Airbus A-350 of Japan Airlines collided with a coastguard aircraft at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan. All 379 passengers and…

  • Phuket News

    Phuket marks another year without memorial for One-Two-Go flight crash victims

    Phuket has seen another year pass without official memorial services to commemorate the 90 victims of the calamitous One-Two-Go flight crash that occurred 16 years ago on September 16, 2007. This absence of remembrance has become the standard practice among the local authorities. Many argue it dishonours the air disaster that stands among Thailand’s most fatal. Phuket International Airport, operated…

  • World News

    YouTuber pilot faces jail for crashing plane as stunt

    A YouTube pilot who bailed out midair and deliberately sent his plane crashing into the ground to boost viewership on his channel could face up to 20 years in prison, US authorities announced recently. In a video watched by nearly three million people titled “I crashed my airplane,” Trevor Jacob, 29 years old, appears to experience engine trouble while flying…