• China News

    Irresponsible tenants’ vanishing act leaves landlord with blood-soaked bed

    A landlord was left in utter shock when some irresponsible tenants, who had rented her property for five days, disappeared without any prior notice in Liaocheng, located in the Shandong Province of China. The unfortunate aftermath of their irresponsible tenancy included a foul stench in the home and the bed soaked in blood. The landlord shared the incident online, revealing…

  • Thailand News

    Grandmother’s shocking find: Hidden stash of unwashed dishes in granddaughter’s rooms sparks online debate

    In an unexpected revelation, a grandmother stumbled upon a pile of unwashed dinner dishes in her granddaughter’s room, after wondering about the unaccountable disappearance of her household tableware. The discovery was shared on Twitter by RedSkullxxx, eliciting shock among viewers. ถ้าไม่ป่วยนี่ บ้านไหนได้ไปเป็นสะใภ้ก็ขอให้โชคดี😅 #โหนกระแส pic.twitter.com/o3ptfckhY5 — Red Skull (@RedSkullxxx) July 12, 2023 The shared clip unveils an almost nauseating scenario. The…

  • World News

    Notorious Taipei noodle shop employee caught wringing dirty rag into soup pot

    A video showing an employee at a famous beef noodle shop in Taipei, Taiwan squeezing dirty rag into a soup pot has sparked outrage online. The longer video potentially contradicts the owner’s insistence that they did not use the water in preparing dishes for customers. According to the report, a delivery driver who witnessed the incident on June 4 while…