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    Do you qualify for a digital nomad visa?

    Is it your dream to travel the world? But is money an issue that keeps you chained to your desk at work? Well, as the world becomes increasingly interconnected and remote work continues to gain popularity, many countries have started offering digital nomad visas. These visas allow remote workers to live in a country for an extended period while working…

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    Thailand for digital nomads: Your ultimate guide

    Thailand beckons digital nomads with its irresistible mix of vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and a cost of living that won’t break the bank. It’s a place where you can seamlessly blend work with exploration, offering the perfect backdrop for your remote working lifestyle. Is Thailand good for digital nomads? Thailand stands out as a top pick for digital nomads. Its…

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    5 ways for foreigners to make money in Thailand

      Many foreigners visit Thailand for a holiday, become enamoured by its beauty, and end up staying and finding a job that can sustain them and their families. But if you don’t know Thai, you’ll find that not all jobs in Thailand are open to foreigners. However, there are ways you can make money to live out your dream life…

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    The rise of Digital Nomadism: A guide for Thailand’s wanderers

    These days, work is no longer defined by being locked within four office walls from 9 to 5. The world is going through a transformation and that includes the way we work. The nomadism trend is just an example of how the borders between the types of lifestyle disappear and people become able to combine different elements of travel, adventures,…

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    TAT and Airbnb are working together for digital nomads

    To attract remote workers or digital nomads, Airbnb is collaborating with the Tourism Authority of Thailand on a number of projects, including the creation of a special Thailand hub that will feature the best long-term rental properties in the country as well as important details about entry requirements and current visa regulations. Airbnb will also collaborate with TAT on educational…

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    Bangkok comes in at No.2 in world’s best digital nomad cities

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    Take a workation at these 5 best places in Koh Samui

    Thanks to the increased freedom of remote work, the concept of “workation” — work while on vacation — is now more popular and widespread than ever! Picture yourself spending the day working from your laptop while taking in a spectacular view of a beach and letting the ocean breeze soothe your soul. Thailand is a popular destination for workations. And…

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    Can digital nomads get a 10 year LTR visa in Thailand?

    The idea of living and working remotely in Thailand is attractive to foreigners, especially if you can bag yourself an online job with a foreign company in a country where wages are considerably higher than Thailand – e.g. the US – and spend the money in Thailand where the cost of living is considerably lower. However, seeking a legitimate visa…

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    Phuket proposes visa and work permit scheme for digital nomads in Thailand

    Phuket officials are pushing for a visa scheme for so-called “digital nomads” who want to live or stay in Thailand while working remotely. Under the proposed Phuket X Community for Digital NOMADs Visa, eligible foreigners would be offered a work permit and a stay on the island province for six months to a year. The visa scheme would also allow…

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    City Guide: Top 5 co-working spaces for digital nomads in Bangkok 2022

    Before the pandemic shook up traditional workplaces worldwide in 2020, co-working spaces were already popular among entrepreneurs and freelancing millennials. Work from home existed, but it wasn’t the trend it is today. In the post-pandemic era, self-titled ‘digital nomads’ are breaking the age-old workplace routines of yesteryear and are working remotely, rather than in typical office spaces for a 9-5…

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    Thailand News Today | Thai government approves 10 year visa program

    The 10-year visa scheme for wealthy foreigners and skilled professionals was approved in principle by the Thai Cabinet, targeting foreign investors, highly-skilled professionals and wealthy retirees. Experts say the 10-year visa scheme for wealthy foreigners and skilled professionals should help fill the country’s anticipated shortage of digital workforce talent and boost the Thai economy. Chairman of the Federation of Thai…

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    The future of digital nomads in Thailand

    As the Covid-19 pandemic has helped boost the demand for digital nomads, Thailand has yet to formalise a legal way for such workers to stay in the Kingdom. Although Thailand recently announced it is targetting highly paid digital workers to help aid in the country’s economic recovery, it leaves the rest of online workers in the dark. Citing the fact…

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    Ode to the Comments | Thaiger Bites | Ep. 19

    Jay and Mike go through viewer comments from our shows from Youtube and the Thaiger talk forum on the website.

  • Bangkok News

    Bangkok ranked #1 best “workation” city in the world, Phuket #10

    Bangkok has been ranked as the number one city in the world for a ‘workation’ – a portmanteau combining work and vacation – with Phuket also ranking in the top 10. The two Thai destinations ranked among the top cities in the world where people can get a break from their office life and have a holiday while still actively…

  • World News

    Bali plans 5-year visa scheme for digital nomads as island stalls reopening

    Digital nomads in Bali will be granted a 5-year visa, according to Indonesia’s tourism minister. The government is waiting until the Covid-19 situation improves before reopening the island to foreign tourists. To revive the tourist island’s economy after the pandemic, tourism officials hope to attract more digital nomads, online-based business owners and people who work remotely. Under a proposed scheme,…

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    Thailand proposes digital nomad visa among others to benefit expats, economy

    Thailand has always been a favourite of long-term travellers, and staying longer in the country may be getting easier. As the country was recently voted the best in which to live for digital nomads, allowing such workers to stay may be the key to boosting the economy. With pristine beaches, cheap living costs, and modern cafes with some of the…

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    Thailand Retirement and Digital Nomads – Missed visa opportunities | VIDEO

    Two visas Thailand should be promoting right now! If there were two more groups, more perfect suited for the Thai lifestyle, I don’t know what they are. Thailand’s immigration laws for long-stays have always been a challenge, retirement is just one of those categories. It would seem like a perfect win win situation to invite people to come and live…

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    Chiang Mai ranks 5th on travel site’s list of best places for digital nomads

    Chiang Mai, a city which some say is a “rite of passage” for digital nomads, is a top location in the world to work remotely, according to the global travel site Big 7 Travel. In the list of “50 Best Places for Remote Working in 2021,” Chiang Mai ranked 5th out of 50 places. The site says the city has…

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    Thailand News Today | ‘Digital Nomad’ visa, ‘Property’ visa, Huge drug bust | Dec 16

    BOI proposes new smart visa rules to lure foreign talent, digital nomads The Board of Investment in Thailand is asking the Cabinet to approve new smart visa rules designed to attract more overseas talent to work in Thailand. The aim is to allow digital freelancers currently working in Thailand to exchange their tourist visas for smart visas. To be eligible,…

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    New Smart Visa rules in the works for digital nomads in Thailand

    Digital nomads in Thailand might soon be able to apply for the Smart Visa, allowing an up to 4 years stay without a work permit. The Board of Investment, or BOI, is proposing changes to the visa requirements to allow foreign freelancers to apply for the Smart Visa. The rules have already been approved by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation…