• Business News

    Banpu’s rare earth pivot for cleaner energy

    Banpu, a Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)-listed company, is planning a strategic shift towards the mining of rare earth, a move anticipated to replace its coal mining operations as the firm prioritises the creation of a cleaner, smarter energy. The company’s interest is especially piqued by the elements required to produce lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). Banpu is in…

  • Business News

    Thailand’s TPIPP allocates 14 billion baht to phase out coal by 2026

    TPI Polene Power Plc (TPIPP), the leading waste-to-energy project developer and operator in Thailand, is set to continue its five-year capital expenditure plan of 14 billion baht. The plan, which began last year, aims to replace coal usage with renewable energy sources and increase the company’s power generation capacity. TPIPP has earmarked 3 billion baht for projects focused on reducing…

  • World News

    Australia’s oldest coal-fired power plant closure and shift towards renewable energy

    Australia‘s most senior coal-fired power plant is set to close today, marking a significant step towards the nation’s transition to renewable energy sources. Previously notorious for its climate inaction, Australia is now preparing for a remarkable transformation in its energy sector. The Liddell power station, located approximately a three-hour drive north of Sydney, is just one of several ageing coal-fired…