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    Authorities charge 3 suspects in murder of Chinese businessman in South Thailand

    UPDATE The authorities officially charged three suspects involved in the murder of a Chinese businessman in South Thailand‘s Trang province. Yesterday morning (May 18), over 30 police officers from Mueang Trang Police Station and Trang Provincial Police Station held a reenactment of the incident. More than 20 relatives of the deceased businessman, including his children and wife, attended the reenactment.…

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    Suspect says he stabbed Chinese businessman to death in South Thailand

    UPDATE In the latest development on the killing of a Chinese businessman in South Thailand‘s Trang province, police have caught three suspects believed to be involved. One of the suspects says he stabbed the victim to death. Colonel Sakda Jaroenkun, Deputy Commander of the Region 9 Police, told The Phuket Express that police in Satun successfully arrested three suspects identified…