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    Celebrate your true self and get inclusive healthcare at Bumrungrad’s Pride Clinic

    The journey to self-discovery and being your best self isn’t always easy. And as an LGBTQ+ person, it can feel like an uphill battle to find healthcare that can meet your unique needs and goals. That’s where the Pride Clinic at Bumrungrad International Hospital comes in! Bumrungrad International Hospital has taken a step further to cater to the specific needs…

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    Take control of your health with genetic testing at Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand

    Our genes make us who we are, but did you know they can also provide invaluable insights into our health history? Yep, by getting a gene testing service at the Preventive Genomics and Integrative Medicine Center of Bumrungrad International Hospital, we can gain a deeper understanding of our health and risk for illnesses. This remarkable advancement in medicine truly takes…