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    The real cost for startups in Thailand unveiled

    Initiating a startup venture in Thailand offers a compelling opportunity, particularly given the nation’s potential for innovation and expansion. The attraction of establishing a business in Thailand, famously known as the Land of Smiles, is significant, attributed to its comparatively low startup costs relative to other nations. However, what does the financial landscape entail for emerging entrepreneurs? Upon exploring the…

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    Thai and Taiwanese firms join to build medical products plant

    Aiming to capitalise on the government’s initiative to make Thailand a medical hub in Southeast Asia, Thai firm Namwiwat Medical Corporation (Nam) and Taiwanese company Somnics Inc have joined forces to construct a new manufacturing plant. The facility, intended to serve as an export base, will produce a wide range of medical products, including sleep-enhancing devices. Nam, a local sterilised…

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    Thailand’s BoI plans more foreign semiconductor investment

    The Board of Investment (BoI) of Thailand has expressed an interest in attracting further foreign investment for the production of advanced semiconductors this year. This move comes as numerous businesses from China and Taiwan are looking to expand their investments in Thailand, particularly for printed circuit boards, to circumvent geopolitical risk, said Wirat Tatsaringkansakul, the BoI Deputy Secretary-General. “Companies will…