Asian elephant

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    A visitor’s guide to ethical elephant sanctuaries in Thailand

    If you are a tourist, a trip to Thailand is incomplete without seeing the country’s extraordinary elephants. These majestic animals have been an integral part of Thailand’s culture and history, used for a variety of purposes such as for transportation, war, logging (in the timber industry), and now tourism. Currently, there are around 3,500 – 4,000 captive elephants in Thailand.…

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    Thai elephant Sak Surin safely repatriated after 22 years in Sri Lanka

    The enduring odyssey of Sak Surin, an elephant initially gifted by Thailand to Sri Lanka, took a homeward trajectory as the elephant touched down in Chiang Mai yesterday, ending a 22 year long overseas sojourn. Sak Surin’s journey back to Chiang Mai was an elaborate endeavour. Encased within a specially designed cage that was placed in the cargo hold of…

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    Asian elephants’ habitat shrinkage over three centuries

    Asian elephant habitats have experienced a significant decline of almost two-thirds since the 18th century, according to a recent study. The loss corresponds to approximately 3.3 million square kilometres, an area equivalent to the size of India. The study revealed that China had the most significant reduction in suitable elephant habitats in the region – losing 94% of its original…