Month: June 2002

  • Phuket NewsTAT boss worries over child abuse | Thaiger

    TAT boss worries over child abuse

    PHUKET: A major Scandinavian tour operator may stop sending tourists to Phuket if the authorities cannot stop child prostitution and other forms of abuse on the island, the local TAT boss warned yesterday. In a meeting at the Phuket Provincial Meeting Hall, Anupharp Thirarath, director of the TAT Phuket office, said that he had met a Swedish researcher looking into…

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  • Phuket News

    Another yacht seized for forged papers

    PHUKET: The Phuket Marine Police today seized another yacht on charges that it was registered with the Harbor Master’s office using forged documents that purported to show the boat was made in Thailand. The yacht is the Samakki, a 40-feet fiberglass motor catamaran equipped with twin 200hp engines. The boat, which police say belongs to Thrinuch Kingkaew, who now lives…

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  • Phuket NewsTime of month saves girl from rape | Thaiger

    Time of month saves girl from rape

    PHUKET TOWN: A girl student of Rajabhat Institute Phuket managed to avoid being raped by an unknown assailant on Sunday by crying out that she was having her period. The girl was found lying unconscious, still in uniform, in a small dark soi opposite Phuket Town Police Station, on Chumphon Rd, by one of the soi’s residents. After regaining consciousness…

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  • Phuket NewsDrinker caught with live grenade | Thaiger

    Drinker caught with live grenade

    PHUKET TOWN: Sa-eak Chu-on, 24, from Trang, was arrested on Saturday night for being in possession of a live hand grenade while drinking in a restaurant on Si Sena Rd. Pol Sub Lt Wiwat Chamnarnkit, of Phuket Town Police Station, today told the Gazette that he was on routine patrol when he entered Nimit 2 restaurant and pub in search…

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  • Phuket News“Sting’ traps Burmese ya bah dealer | Thaiger

    “Sting’ traps Burmese ya bah dealer

    PHUKET: Police have arrested a Burmese in possession of 110 ya bah (methamphetamine) pills and are now pursuing the man’s supplier. Acting on a tip-off, officers spent more than a month on the case before trapping the man in a “sting” as he tried to sell the drugs to undercover police. The man, named by police as Samsor, 32, worked…

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  • Phuket NewsSoccer gambling den raided | Thaiger

    Soccer gambling den raided

    PHUKET TOWN: Phuket Town Police raided the Smile Snooker Pub at 27 Hongsyok U-Thit Rd on Thursday and made one arrest. Pol Capt Akanit Danpitaksan said that after receiving a tip-off, officers visited the pub and found 37-year-old Somyos “Yai” Kweangsopa poring over a list of customer names on his desk, along with a list of the odds for the…

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  • Phuket NewsIllegal immigrant arrest tally falls | Thaiger

    Illegal immigrant arrest tally falls

    PHUKET: The number of arrests of illegal immigrants fell sharply in the period from May 1 to May 25 compared with the same period in the previous month, police statistics show. The total plummeted from 237 arrests to 75. Gambling arrests also dropped, from 229 arrests in 73 raids to 198 from 106 raids. Six of the May gambling raids…

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  • Phuket NewsKilling No 5 at “Burmese cemetery’ | Thaiger

    Killing No 5 at “Burmese cemetery’

    PHUKET TOWN: The body of yet another murder victim has been found in a notorious dumping ground that has become known as the “Burmese Cemetery”. The man, victim of a savage stabbing, was found about 7:45 on Thursday morning in a ditch near a football field, close to the entrance to the Saphan Pla Organization (the government fishery dealer). The…

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  • Phuket NewsTuk-tuk fares “to be imposed next month’ | Thaiger

    Tuk-tuk fares “to be imposed next month’

    PHUKET: Negotiations on fixed fares are underway with the island’s tuk-tuk drivers, and an agreement will be hammered out at a meeting planned for June 21, says the provincial government. Teerayout Prasertphol, chief analyst at the Phuket Provincial Transport Office, told the Gazette today that survey forms have been sent to tuk-tuk drivers, provincial and municipal government officials, TAT officials,…

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  • Phuket NewsOrBorTor President resigns over road scandal | Thaiger

    OrBorTor President resigns over road scandal

    CHERNG TALAY: The President and two other members of the Cherng Talay Tambon Administration Organization (OrBorTor) resigned their positions today amid allegations of corruption in a 4-million-baht road project in Moo 2. OrBorTor President Siri Yokthong and his deputies, Suchart Yooyen and Sin Kapana, announced their resignations after a five-hour meeting in the OrBorTor office, chaired by the Chief of…

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  • Phuket NewsSnack seller hangs herself | Thaiger

    Snack seller hangs herself

    PHUKET TOWN: The body of a young woman was found yesterday morning hanging from a concrete beam in the upper-floor bathroom of her shophouse on Soi Nerttip. Police say the death was a suicide. The victim was Supaporn Auttalee, 23, who sold Thai snacks on Sakdidet Rd, near her home. Pol Capt Rassada Klengvong, of Phuket Town Police Station, said…

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  • Phuket NewsLehman to up Thai holdings by $250m | Thaiger

    Lehman to up Thai holdings by $250m

    BANGKOK (The Nation): US investment bank Lehman Brothers said it was committed to boosting its investment in Thailand by an additional US$250 million (Bt10.6 billion). The announcement followed a meeting on Tuesday between Lehman Brothers Inc chairman and CEO Richard S. Fuld, Jr, and Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. It was the third meeting between the two in the last 18…

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  • Phuket NewsTin mine probe launched | Thaiger

    Tin mine probe launched

    PHUKET: With a looming water shortage on the island, government officials today began sorting out tin mine land claims. The government has been eyeing the island’s 115 old tin mines as a source of much-needed water, but some prominent Phuket families claim outright ownership of the mines, with some families holding Chanote titles dating back as long as 50 years.…

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  • Phuket NewsIsland’s elephants get wired | Thaiger

    Island’s elephants get wired

    PHUKET TOWN: Want to know the name of the elephant that left a steaming pile in your driveway? Chances are it can now be traced because 176 elephants on Phuket have had microchips implanted. Wiraparp Termkietpaisan, a vet from the Phuket Provincial Livestock Office (PPLO), said today that keeping tabs on the elephants from 23 camps will also enable authorities…

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  • Phuket NewsCommercial Office issues pyramid schemes warning | Thaiger

    Commercial Office issues pyramid schemes warning

    PHUKET TOWN: The Phuket Provincial Commercial Office (PPCO) has issued a warning to the public about the spreading business practice of direct selling, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM). Direct sales operations are expanding further into all regions of Thailand. The products range from electrical appliances to herbal remedies. Most of these direct sale companies operate legally, are registered in…

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  • Phuket NewsMan murdered while guarding beans | Thaiger

    Man murdered while guarding beans

    CHERNG TALAY: Somphong Keawpitak, 32, a boat tour guide working at Banyan Tree Phuket, was shot dead yesterday in a small hut in a Cherng Talay hillside while guarding bunches of freshly picked “sator” – the spicy beans that are a specialty of the South. Pol Maj Winai Kongkeaw, Inspector of Cherng Talay Police Station, told the Gazette that a…

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  • Phuket NewsThalang Rd “walking street’ to continue | Thaiger

    Thalang Rd “walking street’ to continue

    PHUKET TOWN: At the closing ceremony of the Seven Wonders of Phuket festival on Sunday evening, Deputy Prime Minister Pitak Intrawitayanun announced that Thalang Rd will continue to be a “walking street” every Sunday. He explained that Phuket Town Municipality will continue to stage events there for a further 17 weeks, under the slogan “Amazing Phuket”, and sponsored by the…

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  • Thailand NewsVillagers bet on hobbling goblin | Thaiger

    Villagers bet on hobbling goblin

    NAN: Villagers of Thung Chang flocked to the home of Thong Chanthawong in search of lucky lottery numbers after some mysterious footprints, believed to have been left behind by a supernatural being, were found on the stairs leading up to his house. On each step was one left-foot print, bewildering Thong and his wife, Phan, because they didn’t know of…

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  • Thailand NewsGame over for molesting monk | Thaiger

    Game over for molesting monk

    NONG BUA LAMPU: Police arrested a monk who promptly confessed to molesting two boys, aged 12 and 14, after promising the boys’ parents that he would reveal to them the last three numbers in the national lottery. The monk, Phra Sa-ngiam, had stayed in one of the temples in the village and was acquainted with the boys’ parents. Having heard…

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  • Thailand NewsInvaders leave stinky calling card | Thaiger

    Invaders leave stinky calling card

    NAKHON NAYOK: Prachum Vichathong and his wife, Thongbai, suffered more than the loss of belongings when home invaders struck on the night of May 16. Prachum told police that the gangsters used a drill to let themselves in through the back door. They then cut the phone line, grabbed Prachum and Thongbai, tied them up and beat them to force…

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  • Phuket NewsGovernor defends support for marina | Thaiger

    Governor defends support for marina

    PHUKET: Governor CEO Pongpoyome Vasaputi defended himself today against criticism over the fast-tracking of the project to build Phuket’s third yacht marina. Gulu Lalvani, head of international telephone manufacturer Binatone, has undertaken to spend around a billion baht on the project, the Royal Phuket Marina, provided that the governor can help slice through bureaucratic red tape. Speaking at his regular…

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  • Phuket NewsDeputy PM denies land fiddle | Thaiger

    Deputy PM denies land fiddle

    PHUKET: Deputy Prime Minister Pitak Intrawitayanunt took reporters to the northwest end of the island on Saturday for a tour of a piece of land he bought in 1990, which was at the center of accusations made in the recent parliamentary no-confidence debate. K. Pitak repeated his assertions, made during the debate, that he had obtained the land near Baan…

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  • Phuket NewsTwo girls drown in pool | Thaiger

    Two girls drown in pool

    THALANG: Two girls, one 10 years old, the other 12, died while swimming in a pool near their home in the Thalang area yesterday. Police named the two girls as Kittima Butlada, 10, and Praemai Poltawee, 12. Cousins, they both lived in a house in Moo 8, Baan Prusompan in Tambon Thepkrasattri, where they went to school. Pol Maj Adul…

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  • Phuket NewsCorruption: Thai police a “national scandal” | Thaiger

    Corruption: Thai police a “national scandal”

    BANGKOK (AFP/The Nation): In a survey on corruption and political interference in justice systems in Asia, the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) found Indonesia at the bottom of the heap, and noted that Thailand had descended to second worst in the region. The survey, concluded last week, sought the views of expatriate business people in each of…

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  • Phuket NewsSea walking probe starts in Phuket | Thaiger

    Sea walking probe starts in Phuket

    PHUKET: In the latest development in one of Phuket’s longest-running sagas, researchers from the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) arrived yesterday to begin checks on local sea walking operators. The checks are part of a six-month study to develop regulations for the controversial industry which, according to critics, is damaging to the environment – particularly coral –…

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  • Phuket NewsPrison still swamped with drug offenders | Thaiger

    Prison still swamped with drug offenders

    PHUKET: More than half of the inmates at Phuket Provincial Prison have been convicted or are awaiting trial on drug-related charges, according to statistics released by prison officials yesterday. Of the 1,199 prisoners, 495 men and 109 women have been incarcerated in relation to narcotics offenses. Of the remaining prisoners, 229 are being held for theft, 143 for murder or…

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  • Phuket NewsGazette Guide to the World Cup | Thaiger

    Gazette Guide to the World Cup

    PHUKET: The latest issue of the weekly Phuket Gazette, on sale today, includes the guide that’s a must for all soccer fans. The clip-and-keep – or clip-and-stick-on-the-wall – chart contains a full guide to all World Cup matches, from the early group contests through to the finals, with dates, times (in Thailand), venues and TV channels carrying the games. Get…

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