Month: September 2001

  • PhuketOfficials ordered to save energy | Thaiger

    Officials ordered to save energy

    PHUKET: The Governor of Phuket, Pongpayome Vasaputi, has ordered government officers to save energy, as a way to anticipate economic problems that may follow on from the terrorist outrages in the United States and the inevitable retaliation. Gov Pongpayome was relaying the new policy from Interior Minister Purachai Piemsombun. The aim is to save energy, especially electricity. The target of…

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  • PhuketFall in arrests of illegal workers | Thaiger

    Fall in arrests of illegal workers

    PHUKET: The latest crime statistics issued by the police, for the period from September 1 to 24, show the number of arrests of illegal immigrants dropping dramatically to 47 compared with 230 in the same period in August. The decrease is largely a result of the current Employment Services Office drive to register all foreign workers on the island. Pol…

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  • PhuketBosses urged to register foreign labor | Thaiger

    Bosses urged to register foreign labor

    PHUKET: Governor Pongpayome Vasaputi called yesterday for employers to register their foreign laborers at the Provincial Employment Service Office (ESO). His appeal came after the ESO said that it estimated that 4,000 Burmese, Laotians and Cambodians working in Phuket had still not been registered. Speaking at the monthly meeting of senior provincial officials yesterday, Gov Pongpayome said, “I’m worried about…

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  • PhuketTT&T to share TOT’s lower long-distance charge | Thaiger

    TT&T to share TOT’s lower long-distance charge

    PHUKET: From October 1, Thai Telephone and Telecommunication (TT&T) subscribers will be able to use the Telephone Organization of Thailand’s (TOT) discounted long-distance service – Y-Tel 1234. The TOT announcement comes after management met last Friday and decided that customers of both TT&T and Bangkok-based TelecomAsia Corp will be able share the service. Somkiat Lorprasertchai, Manager of the TOT Phuket…

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  • PhuketGay cook suicides over missing fiancé | Thaiger

    Gay cook suicides over missing fiancé

    PHUKET TOWN: In the third suicide reported in Phuket within a week, heartbroken Jitpanu Pattana-anusorn, a 26-year-old cook at the Boonlert Beer Garden on Chana Charoen Rd, committed suicide on Tuesday because, police surmised, he had been abandoned by his gay lover. Pol Capt Anukul Nookate of the Phuket Town Police Station told the Gazette that he received a call…

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  • PhuketMedium found hanged in monk’s hut | Thaiger

    Medium found hanged in monk’s hut

    PHUKET TOWN: The body of a medium, who used to give people numbers for upcoming illegal lotteries, was discovered hanging in an abandoned monk’s hut behind Wat Lang San on Damrong Rd on Sunday. Pol Capt Pin Inmark, of Phuket Town Police Station, told the Gazette that the man, who had been identified as 41-year-old Boonroat Suwandee, had been dead…

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  • PhuketMuslims “back Thai support for US’ | Thaiger

    Muslims “back Thai support for US’

    BANGKOK (AFP): Transportation and Communications Minister Wan Muhamad Nor Matha said yesterday that after talks with Muslim leaders in southern provinces, the government had won their support in joining the US-led alliance against terrorism. Wan said he had explained the government’s position and its reasons for aligning with the United States. “There are no problems,” he told reporters. “We have…

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  • PhuketNew Vice-Governors named | Thaiger

    New Vice-Governors named

    PHUKET: The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has announced the names of Phuket’s three new Vice-Governors, who will take up their positions on October 1. They are Vinai Buapradith, currently a vice-governor of Ranong; Manit Watanasen, now a vice-governor of Phang Nga; and Niran Kalayanamit, a Director of the Foreign Affairs Division of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for the…

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  • PhuketWoman dies in bizarre suicide | Thaiger

    Woman dies in bizarre suicide

    PHUKET TOWN: In a bizarre suicide, a woman who was having money problems killed herself on Thursday by drinking a bottle of dishwashing liquid. The husband of Pattama Maneesri, 44, came home in the afternoon to find her lying unconscious on the kitchen floor of her home on Wichit Songkhram Rd. She was still holding the empty dishwashing liquid bottle,…

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  • PhuketTen monks held in drug bust | Thaiger

    Ten monks held in drug bust

    BANGKOK (AFP): Five Thai monks have been defrocked after confessing to using methamphetamines (‘ya bah’), while another five caught in a drug raid also face being ousted from religious life, police said this morning. Acting on a complaint from local worshippers, police yesterday carried out urine tests on 26 monks living at a temple in the central province of Ratchaburi.…

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  • PhuketThai Muslim patriarch slams terrorists | Thaiger

    Thai Muslim patriarch slams terrorists

    BANGKOK (AFP): The spiritual leader of Thailand’s Muslims, Sawas Sumalyasak, today expressed his support for an international alliance against terrorism, saying the perpetrators of the outrages of September 11 were “destroyers of religion”. Sawas, the head of the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand, said plans by the United States to launch military action to avenge the attacks on New York…

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  • PhuketBridge completion delayed | Thaiger

    Bridge completion delayed

    PHUKET TOWN: Completion of the new bridge over the Klong Bangyai on Kra Rd will take 70 days more than originally scheduled. Fawn Boonkatunyu, Chief of the Technical Office of the Phuket Town Municipality, explained, “We found that a sewer runs right under the place where one of the legs of the bridge is supposed to be anchored, so the…

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  • PhuketLoch Palm set for championship finals | Thaiger

    Loch Palm set for championship finals

    KATHU: Surin Bumrungpon scored 67 off a handicap of 4 to win the third and final round of the Loch Palm Golf Club Championship preliminaries, which was held at the club on Saturday. Manoon Ouanpokhlang won Flight A with his score of 69 points off a 12 handicap, beating Blair Speers’ score of 70 points (10) and Dr Kitthipat Pongpet’s…

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  • Phuket

    Muslim leaders criticize attacks on US

    PHUKET TOWN: The leaders of the Muslim community in Phuket today criticized the terrorist attacks on the United States and voiced their hope for continued peace in the world. Speaking at an assembly of senior Muslim figures at the ST Hotel, Manot Phanchalard, secretary of the Islamic Committee of Phuket, said, “Muslims in Phuket do not agree with what happened…

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  • PhuketUrgent debate over national park fees | Thaiger

    Urgent debate over national park fees

    BANGKOK: With the concessionary scheme on national park entry charges for tour and dive operators about to come to an end, operators around the country have urged the Royal Forestry Department (RFD) to reconsider the full fees, which they regard as being too high. On October 1 last year the RFD introduced new park entry fees for foreigners: 200 baht…

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  • PhuketMaldivian wins Kata surfing contest | Thaiger

    Maldivian wins Kata surfing contest

    KATA: Hussain Areef of the Maldives won the shortboard division of the third annual Quiksilver Phuket Surfing Contest, held at Kata Yai Beach at the weekend. Areef outscored 47 other competitors from all over the world. Briton Lee Dowse came second while another Maldivian, Mohamed Fayaz, came third. Local surfing prodigy, 12-year-old Simon de Maria, who has competed in the…

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  • PhuketKorean tour guide beaten and robbed | Thaiger

    Korean tour guide beaten and robbed

    PHUKET TOWN: Police are looking for a man who beat and robbed a 30-year-old Korean tour guide off Sakdidet Rd early on Saturday morning. Pol Maj Pitsanu Punwong, of Phuket Town Police Station, told the Gazette that the guide had asked that her name be kept confidential, but that she was working for a Korean travel company in Panthep Condotown.…

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  • PhuketCrackdown on students in Internet shops | Thaiger

    Crackdown on students in Internet shops

    PHUKET TOWN: The owners of 25 Internet shops have agreed to impose greater controls on youngsters using their facilities, Pol Col Paween Pongsirin, superintendent of Phuket Town Police Station, said today. Speaking at a meeting with the press, he explained that police had received complaints from parents that their children were spending too much time playing computer games in the…

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  • PhuketPhuket worries about effects of US horror | Thaiger

    Phuket worries about effects of US horror

    PHUKET: The Governor of Phuket, Pongpayome Vasaputi, has ordered local officials to report to him any effects on tourism arising from Tuesday’s horrific events in the United States. “I think there may be some effect on tourism in Phuket during the coming high season,” he told the Gazette, “because some people may feel uncomfortable about traveling abroad.” He said that…

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  • PhuketKathu police got mail | Thaiger

    Kathu police got mail

    PATONG: The Kathu Police Station now has an email address for people who wish to ask questions or make suggestions to the police. Pol Col Chalit Thintanee, superintendent of Kathu Police Station, told the Gazette, “I think this will be good for people who want to contact us to complain or make suggestions about the problems in Patong. We will…

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  • PhuketMemorial service for US terror victims | Thaiger

    Memorial service for US terror victims

    CHERNG TALAY: An short memorial service will be conducted by Father Richard at the Laguna Beach Resort tomorrow (Thursday) evening for those lost in yesterday’s terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Everyone is welcome to join in the service, which begins at 5 pm at the Layan Ballroom. For more information, call O. B. Wetzell at 01-8929207. Meanwhile,…

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  • PhuketCEO to have power to move district chiefs | Thaiger

    CEO to have power to move district chiefs

    PHUKET: The Ministry of Interior has announced that the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of five provinces, who will take over from provincial governors on October 1 in an experimental program aimed at giving provincial leaders more autonomy, will be able to authorize the transfer of district office chiefs who are deemed not to be doing their job properly. Under the…

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