Surin Beach

  • Phuket News

    Surin beach tragedy: Body of 44 year old Thai man washes up on Phuket shores

    Tragedy hit the shores of Phuket yesterday as the body of a 44 year old man from Phitsanulok, was found washed up on the seaside. The man, Thawat Sriracha, who had come to Phuket to kickstart a new job, vanished on Sunday, July 30 amid the large waves of Surin Beach. Patrons of Surin Beach on that eventful day were…

  • Video

    Which City in Thailand is Ranked No.1 in SE Asia on the Safety Index? | GMT

    In today’s episode, Illegal jet skis return to Phuket’s Surin Beach, Chiang Mai ranked No.1 city in Asia on safety index, Indian tourist beaten by Pattaya nightclub guards, Bangkok pub raid can’t find anything illegal to bust, Snorting urine will not cure sinusitis, and Gang of deaf suspects arrested in robberies.

  • Tourism News

    Illegal jet skis return to Phuket’s Surin Beach

    For the umpteenth time, the local provincial marine office has started clamping down on illegal jet skis and parasail boats in the sea off Phuket’s Surin Beach. Along Millionaire’s Row on the west coast, Phuket’s Surin Beach is surrounded by boutiques, high-end resorts and residences. It’s popular year-round, and an excellent spot for sunbathing on fine white sand, with the…

  • Crime News

    US arrested man for stock fraud in Phuket

    A man wanted by the United States for his involvement in stock manipulation and fraud has been arrested in Phuket. Peter Coker Jr, a citizen of the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, was apprehended on Wednesday in a hotel room located near Surin Beach. The arrest was made by a team consisting of the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) and…

  • Phuket News

    Officials to build new sky walk and glass terrace in Phuket

    Officials in Phuket plan to build 2 new structures in different parts of the island province. A skywalk is planned for Phuket’s southern village of Rawai, and a glass terrace is planned for Surin Beach in the northern Thalang district. The President of the Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation, Rewat Areerob, said that Phuket is trying to build more landmarks to…

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    Are surfboards really hotter than Bitcoin?

    Sponsored Article I don’t know what’s harder to get my hand on right now – Bitcoin at a reasonable price, or a new surfboard. With the current pandemic situation, there’s been a shortage of surfboards as more surfers take to the waves. When I was told last year that a new surfboard would take at least 9 months to arrive,…

  • Environment News

    TAT says Phuket beaches have been “revitalised” during the pandemic

    Phuket’s beaches are perhaps one of the only silver linings from the Covid pandemic, with marine life visibly rebounding after a long break from tourism, at least that’s what the Tourism Authority of Thailand says. The tourism officials say the huge reduction in tourist traffic has contributed to the Andaman Sea and coastlines becoming clearer than it has been in…

  • Covid-19 News

    Phuket is hit with a triple Covid crisis | VIDEO

    Phuket has had a triple hit over the past 12 months. Firstly with the original Covid-19 outbreak and lockdowns back in April and May in 2020, then again just before Christmas and New Year when the new clusters emerged in Samut Sakhon and the eastern coastal provinces, further dampening even local traveller traffic to the island, then some further restrictions…

  • Thailand Weather Updates

    Strong wind and waves this morning closes Phuket’s beaches, one swimmer rescued

    Phuket’s Rawai Mayor, Aroon Solos, ordered all beaches in the area to close after a foreigner was rescued this morning after being unable to make it back to shore. The foreigner was swimming off Ao Sane beach, just north of the popular Nai Harn Beach, when lifeguards were sent out to help bring him back to shore. The recent weather…

  • Tourism News

    Vendors flock back to Phuket’s Surin beach

    Driving past Surin Beach, Phuket, over recent weeks you’d be wondering if you hadn’t travelled back in time to the days, pre-military coup (2014), when the umbrellas and cheap white plastic sun lounges were ubiquitous lined up along Phuket’s beaches. Cherng Talay President MaAnn Samran, has confirmed that the beach chairs and umbrella operators have, indeed, returned to Surin Beach…

  • Environment News

    Phuket’s Surin Beach’s anti-erosion walls fails causing another environmental disaster

    PHOTOS: ขยะมรสุม ขยะมรสุม has posted on their Facebook page about the ugly and failed attempt at an erosion wall at Phuket’s Surin Beach (photos below). He said in his post… “Found this big pile of trouble at Surin Beach. What are these sacks for? Are they becoming trash? You won’t conquer nature with sand sacks. If you want to make…