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    Thai wife leaves husband and runs off with lover & 6mil lottery prize | GMT ON TOUR

    Wife returns lottery winnings to cuckold husband but kicks him out of the family home. Row erupts over Thailand’s unfair allocation of World Cup games. A Thai-Italian teen allegedly tries to steal a motorcycle taxi in Pattaya. MPs ‘may resign’ if ganja bill stalls. Thai activists and politicians show support for protesters blinded by rubber bullets. District in northeast Thailand…

  • Ukraine

    Russia’s FM Sergei Lavrov warns US not to supply Ukraine with arms

    Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is urging the US and NATO to stop supplying Kyiv (capital of Ukraine) with arms. “If the US and NATO are really interested in resolving the Ukraine crisis, then first of all they should wake up and stop supplying the Kyiv regime with arms and ammunition.” Months into an invasion, the Russian army is now…

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    Thailand News Update | Thai evacuees from Ukraine test positive

    Thai police raided a home suspected of being the headquarters for an illegal gambling website that swindled more than 100 million baht from South Korean victims. Officers arrested four South Korean men and a Thai woman who was renting the home in Samut Prakan, just southeast of Bangkok. The suspects face charges of organising, advertising, and inviting people to gamble…

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    Asia News Today | Asian stocks sink over Russian incursion, China ramps up microchip production

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has formally recognised two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine as independent. He’s used this diplomatic word-play as a reason to order the Russian army to launch a so-called peacekeeping mission into the area. His actions are a significant ramping up of diplomatic tensions in the ongoing Russian/Ukraine crisis.The president has ordered his defence officials to deploy…

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    Thai tourists prepare for long weekend, Jailed for hunting wildlife | Good Morning Thailand | Ep.149

    In today’s episode Jay, Natty and Caitlin discuss about a Soapy massage parlour for sale in Thailand, Thai tourists prepare for the long weekend, tycoon jailed for hunting wildlife and more incentives for foreign filming in Thailand.

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    Inside Phuket’s Sandbox – Questions answered | VIDEO

    Tim tries to answer as many Phuket Sandbox questions as possible as the fourth day of the ‘reopening’ emerges. So far, so good. Vaccines, tourism, getting back onto the island as an expat, flights, etc. The Sandbox is the first step in reopening Thailand to vaccinated travellers, without a formal 14 day quarantine in a hotel. Unfiltered, unshaven, unscripted. I…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Covid UPDATE: New cases rise to 1,543, DDC recommends work from home in red zone areas

    Thailand’s Covid-19 infections are still on the rise, with the Kingdom reporting 1,543 new infections in the last 24 hours. Only 3 of those are imported with 1,540 being cases of community transmission. Thailand has now recorded 37,453 infections. 8,973 patients are receiving hospital treatment, 41 of whom have pneumonia. 11 people are currently in a serious condition on ventilators.…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    A Thailand Covid update that you won’t read in the news

    Tim Newton goes through some of the moving goal posts regarding Thailand’s Covid situation RIGHT NOW. Vaccines for expats, what will happen after Songkran, provincial restrictions, new quarantine requirements. Reading the tea leaves and reading between the lines, Tim provides his personal opinions on many issues expats and foreigners in Thailand are worried about at this time.

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Can I avoid the 14 day quarantine in Thailand if I’ve been vaccinated?

    Now that the Covid-19 vaccines are being rolled out in some countries, the next question relevant to Thailand is… if I’ve had a vaccine for Covid-19, can I come back without doing the 14 (or 15 in some cases) days of quarantine? The Public Health Ministry has issued a statement stating that, in the short to medium term, “everyone entering…

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    Thailand News Today | Golf STVs, Russian head-butted, protest latest | Nov 9

    Thailand News Today, stripped-back-version today. All the news you need to know about Thailand from The Thaiger. (Original story and link for Pattaya Russian assault story HERE) Protesters face water cannons as they deliver thousands of letters to HM the King Police turned the water cannons on thousands of protesters again as they tried to march to the Grand Palace…

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    Thailand News Today | Waiting for vaccine, new face of Thailand expats, teacher complaints | Oct 1

    Daily Thai news on The Thaiger. All the latest information about Thailand, Monday to Friday on Thaiger News Today. Thailand beaches may limit visitors until Covid-19 vaccine is available Beaches and national parks might not fully open to international tourists until a Covid-19 vaccine is available. The claim comes from the Tourism Council of Thailand president. Around 120 to 150…

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    New cases in Thailand – 111, pushes total over 1,000

    Thursday’s total for new cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus is out. The number of newly confirmed Covid-19 cases in Thailand is now over 1,000. 111 new cases were announced to the media today a spokesperson from the Ministry of Public Health. The official number of infections in Thailand, at the time of publication (1pm Thai time) is 1,045. The ministry…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Covid-19 UPDATE: US records nearly 10,000 new cases, Thailand total 827 cases

    Today the world’s numbers of cases surge past 400,000. Two days ago the numbers were 50,000 less. The current hotspots are the US and Europe where the pandemic is still spreading swiftly. The US had the largest batch of new cases in the past 24 hours, adding nearly 10,000 new cases to its 53,609 total – 9,875 cases in the…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Coronavirus UPDATE: 15 Chinese cities are now in lockdown

    Things are moving fast with the Wuhan novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak. Amid dramatic lockdowns of at least 15 Chinese cities, affecting millions, much remains uncertain about the coronavirus and its method of transmission, or the extent of its spread outside central China. International health authorities continue to scrutinise the virus’ spread and effects with the World Health Organisation meeting daily…