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    Thailand’s economic crisis: An ageing population

    Thailand is facing a looming economic crisis as demographic shifts threaten to cripple its domestic consumption, the Kasikorn Research Centre (KRC) warns. With an increasingly elderly population and declining birth rate, the nation’s key driver of economic growth is at risk. In 2022, domestic consumption accounted for 58% of Thailand’s economic growth, up from 53% a decade ago. This reliance…

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    Analysts predict BoT to maintain policy rate despite weak baht

    There’s a growing consensus among financial analysts that the Bank of Thailand (BoT) won’t lower its policy rate during its April 10 meeting, despite a weakening baht and economic outlook. This perspective is strongly held by Kasikorn Research Centre (K-Research), according to Kanjana Chockpisansin, the head of research. Kanjana stated that they believe the BoT’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will…