blood stain

  • Thailand News

    Mysterious red stain in dorm room sparks viral humour online

    A man moving into a new dormitory room at 11pm yesterday discovered a mysterious red stain on the wall, prompting a flood of humorous comments from netizens. The incident was widely shared online after a Facebook user named Star Pattinum posted photos of the dormitory with the red stain on the wall, along with the following message: “Today, the dormitory…

  • Thailand News

    Mystery unfolds: Human finger found in Thonburi warehouse bathroom

    The Bukkhalo Station Police are investigating a deeply unsettling case involving the discovery of a human finger in a warehouse bathroom located in Thonburi. This distressing incident took a sinister turn when surveillance camera footage unveiled a potential suspect on a motorcycle who had entered the premises and traces of blood were subsequently detected at the scene. The gruesome finding of…

  • Northern Thailand News

    Hotel warns of pretty woman who dodges room fees, leaves mess and bloodstains

    A hotel owner in Udon Thani province has posted a warning for other hotel operators about a pretty 25 year old woman who has not only avoided paying her hotel bill but also left her room in a miserable state. The owner claims that upon inspection, the room was found to be unclean and damaged to such an extent that…