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Why choose the Thaiger?

Transferring money to and from Thailand can be difficult at times. You want the most reliable service with the best exchange rate, but finding one can be hard. That’s why here at the Thaiger, we will make money transferring easier and more convenient for you.

How to transfer money from Thailand to other countries?

You need a Thai bank to be able to transfer money out of the country. You are required to give information such as the exact name of the person receiving the money, account number, the amount he/she will be receiving and the receiving bank’s swift account.

There are estimated transfer time depending on the place of destination. for example, if your transferring money to the United Kingdom and Singapore it will take 1 business day for your recipient to receive the money. The transfer time will be different within Europe which will take around 2 business days and up to 5 business days to the United States.

When transferring your money to another currency, you might want to get the best exchange rate. This is where we can help you. We compiled and compared numerous different ways to transfer your money, so you don’t have to.

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How to Transfer Money in Thailand

Still confused on how to transfer your money in Thailand? Here’s some steps you can follow.

Check the exchange rate

Exchange rates fluctuate by the second. Therefore, always check the exchange rate before you transfer to know how much you or the other person will receive.

Choose the process

There are various diffrent money transfer services in Thailand. Choosing the right method can help you save your money. We have compared quite a few of the services, so you can make an informed decision.

Find the right provider that suits your needs

Choosing the right provider can be complicated, so make sure you decide based on your needs. What is more important for you? Speed, total cost, or customer service?

Sign up and get started

Once you pick the provider that works best for you, all you have to do is sign-up and do your transfer.

How to transfer and receive money internationally?

Using a foreign money transfer program, you can receive money from abroad directly into your bank account. You’ll need to include your bank account information so that the sender can open an online account with a foreign money transfer service and exchange the funds into the currency you want.

Through online service

Easily transfer money abroad without having to travel or go to the bank yourself. You just have to make transactions via online services through a mobile application. You can also send money transfer orders abroad to pay for goods and services, travel expenses, education expenses or for other purposes that is correct, complete, fast and safe.

Using the SWIFT service

Receiving money from abroad has been made easy through SWIFT services. Through your Thai bank account, you can send money abroad correctly, absolutely, easily and securely. Only have an overseas money transfer or issue the sender bank notice. Give the receiver a SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Inter-Bank Financial telecommunication) money transfer order with your current name and account number.

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25 reviews

Customer Reviews


Got a really good rate. Good for transferring large sums of money.

Hannah Maples


Easy to Transfer money to family members in the States, some time pay pal take too long, recommend this service.

Ian Mason


I was looking for a platform just like this, good, simple and Easy. I transferred $500 and the fee was less than $2!

Dexter Hicks


Good exchange rate for transferring money, and was sent as on time as promised.

Nina Vanderwoods


Quick service, it took a total of 2 days to transfer money to my family in the UK.

Neil Byrd


Used this service and everything was good and on time. I will be using and recommending this service.

Regan Stafford

What are the best option in transferring money out of Thailand?

Whether you want to send money to a friend, your employee’s wages, family expenses, or an emergency situation, money transfer is the easiest and quickest option for you.

There are three key choices for transferring your money to your home country or anywhere else in the world from Thailand. Check it out below.

When you have a Thai bank account, the SWIFT direct transfer option is fantastic. Fees differ depending on the country to which you send them. For instance, Bangkok Bank charges about 1,150 baht per transaction. If you send a relatively large amount of money, the fee for a direct transfer is not too bad, but if you want to send a moderate amount, you’re better off using a remittance service.

Key Points

  • Some banks may require an application form when transferring money.
  • SWIFT transaction can take 1-5 days depending on the bank.
  • Fees vary depending on the country you are sending to.

The most famous remittance service trusted worldwide is Western Union. The service is immediate because they’re not really sending the money abroad but charge you back the amount of money in your home country instead. You may use WU online or through their app or through a high-street booth or bank provider.

Key Points

  • Fast and reliable.
  • Low on exchange rate fee.
  • Sending moderate sums of money at the best rates.

You can use an online transfer website or app to transfer money to and from Thailand with the best exchange rate and minimal fees. We have compared the best ones for you. One of the most useful is DeeMoney. It charges a flat fee to send money from Thailand to 35 different countries. The fee ranges between 150 and 300 Baht depending on the destination of the transfer. They have a Next Day service with a 250 Baht flat rate, and it takes 3-5 working days outside of these transfers.

Key points

  • You can use the app for faster transactions.
  • The cheapest option for sending money.
  • Can guarantee next day delivery.

The fastest way to send money in Thailand is by using a money transfer.

I wanted to send money to my family, but I don’t know how to do it from Thailand. Luckily, the Thaiger helped me. They gave me a comprehensive comparison and helped me choose the right provider.

Top tip: You have a number of cash transfer options, such as direct bank transfer, Western Union, and DeeMoney, for example. Choose the best option that is more convenient for you.

How convenient is money transfer?

Financial services are always changing. Today, financial services are available to everyone on their smartphones. With the fast-paced modern world, everything you need is at the end of your fingertips.

You can now send and transfer money to the rest of the world from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere in Thailand. In an emergency, you don’t have to be concerned about your family’s financial situation. You can transfer money easily and safely using your bank account or your mobile. You may also have it tracked to ensure that the funds have been received, so you can transfer funds without a worry.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Transfers with The Thaiger.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Money Transfers

This is based on their bank. Some beneficiaries would probably have to pay a small charge, while others do not owe anything. In order to be sure if there is a cost to obtain a foreign money transfer, the recipient would need to consult with their financial institution beforehand.

Your transfer of overseas funds could take a couple of hours or a few days. It depends on several variables, such as which provider you select and where your money is sent. Furthermore, if you submit your cash on a weekend or public holiday, the process can take longer than during the week.

The minimum amount of money you can send abroad can vary from supplier to supplier, so you’re going to have to use our comparison service to make sure what you can and cannot send.

The service you are looking for, for a cheap money transfer is Western Union. In addition to being one of the cheapest ways to globally transfer cash, money transfers between bank accounts are also less costly than sending cash for cash collection.

The following will have to be given to you by your receiver.


-SWIFT/BIC number from the bank, so that the funds go to the right institution,

-A number for an overseas account (or IBAN),

-Your residential address, your name, your phone number.

It is possible for a foreigner to open a Thai bank account with just a tourist visa in Thailand. Our premium subscription points you to the exact branches that allow a bank account to be opened. It also tells you where to open a credit card for a monthly salary of just 15,000 baht.

Using the Western Union app to transfer money frequently and easily.

-On the go. 24/7 money transfer, at your convenience.

-Re-send instantly. Save information of the recipient for fast repeat transfers.

-Paying online. Pay directly from your bank account or with your credit/debit card 4.

Some of the best money transfer services for sending money to Thailand from the USA

-Best Rates of Exchange: TransferWise.

-Remitly: Giving money to family and friends.

-Top Up for Airtime: WorldRemit.

-Free of Fees: OFX.

-Best Big Brand: PayPal-powered Xoom.

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