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Popular Legal and Corporate services in Thailand

Translating Document

No need to worry because you can’t understand your Thai documents. We can provide you with the translation for your documents in your language.

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Thai Property Service

Whether you’re looking to invest, purchase, sell or rent, find out everything you need to know about buying and selling properties in Thailand with our professional teams.

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Legal Services

Ensure that you have legal support from expert international lawyers. Claim your rights and get advice or answers to any conflicts of law in Thailand.

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Corporate Services

Build the best corporate structure for your company. Get advice and support for Thai business law through the process of getting all the essential permits to set up your business.

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Thai Driving license

A Thai driving licence can be requested by foreigners planning to drive a car in Thailand. It is the best way to make sure you are allowed to drive in the country legally and are completely protected by a vehicle insurance policy.

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Thai Tabiean Ban

Verify your property and register your name under your address in Thailand. The Thai Tabiean Ban is available for all citizens and permanent residents in Thailand.

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Basic Information about Legal and Corporate Services

Thailand is in a strategic location and challenging to invest in. It offers great growth opportunities for foreigners eager to start a business. The Foreign Business Act (FBA) regulates the establishment of businesses, registration of companies, and foreign business activities in Thailand. Thailand has such a variety of business structures available, including the Thai Limited Company, which is the most common for foreigners. The process to register a company in Thailand depends largely on the company structure selected.

Registering a business and opening a company in Thailand. For foreigners who are unfamiliar with the law and legal procedures in Thailand, you should have a good legal and corporate service to solve your legal conflict, advice, or consulting for your business. Thaiger offers you a special and expert legal, corporate service, and other services you need for your business in Thailand, with expert international lawyer teams.

Why choose the Thaiger to get legal and Corporate service?

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What kind of business that foreigner can own?

1. Company Limited

The most famous form of business in Thailand is company limited firms. Typically, they are formed with a capital split into equal shares. This offers you the benefit of being operational. It takes fewer funds to registered and allows you the right to get a business visa.

2. Limited Partnerships

It means one or more partners whose responsibility is limited are limited partnership Thailand. It needs to be licensed and considered a legitimate organization. Shared and unlimited liabilities are assumed by the managing partners, while a limited partner is only responsible up to the number of their respective contributions.
Only an unlimited partner is capable of acting as a managing partner. If the business has interfered with a partner whose liability limited, they will become unlimited partners.

3.Branch Office

Branch Offices under Thai law are not limited to “non-trading” activities. The liabilities arising from the action of the business in Thailand will not be limited within Thailand but extends to the head office overseas. The branch offices are governed by the Foreign Business Act in Thailand.



1. List of legal services available in Thailand?

  • Legal consulting for business
  • Corporate service
  • Property law service
  • Family law service
  • Litigation

2. How much does it cost to get a business registered in Thailand?

The service fee for the registration of a company (in the case of registered capital of less than Baht 5 million) is 17,000 THB, company stamp 500 THB. 6,500 THB government fee For the first 1 million THB and 6,000 THB for each capital increase of 1 million THB income. The VAT subtotal is then equivalent to roughly 25000 to 31000 THB.

3. What is the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI)?

The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) is a Thai government agency. It works to encourage foreign investment in Thailand by providing potential foreign investors with information, services, and incentives.