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    Jealousy incites teen to stab Pattaya convenience store worker

    A 16 year old boy stabbed a Pattaya convenience store employee with a knife after suspecting he was secretly talking to his girlfriend. Police were alerted to the stabbing yesterday at 12.36am. Chonlawit Athisansee, a Deputy Inspector at Pattaya City Police Station, received a report of the stabbing at a convenience store in Nong Prue, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri…

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    Brew-haha: Thai man fined for boozing outside convenience store

    A Thai man found himself in a legal quandary after consuming alcohol in front of a convenience store, which resulted in a fine of 1,000 baht by the police. The incident sparked a public inquiry into the legality of drinking in public spaces that are not government premises. The man in question took to social media to query the public…

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    Stabbing to death in Phra Khanong convenience store shocks local community

    A fatal stabbing occurred in a convenience store in the Phra Khanong area, following a heated argument between two homeless men. The incident, which took place at around 1am yesterday, was swiftly responded to by local police, accompanied by forensic doctors from Chulalongkorn Hospital and volunteers from the Pu Teak Tueng Foundation. The 60 year old deceased, Somchai, was found…

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    Chon Buri man filmed in indecent act outside convenience store, community calls for police action

    A 20 year old youth caused a stir in the community of Phanat Nikhom, Chon Buri when he was caught on camera inappropriately touching himself outside a convenience store. The incident occurred yesterday and was filmed by a local. The young man, who was wearing just a beanie to cover his face, was also taking a selfie with his phone…

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    Teen suspect holds up Thai convenience store in chilling late-night robbery

    A lone thief pulled out a knife and held a Bangkok convenience store hostage, demanding an employee hand over the takings with a chilling warning… “Hand over the cash and you won’t get hurt.” The suspect fled the scene with a cash haul of 5,000 baht (US$144). Police are now scanning CCTV footage to catch the perpetrator who strode into the…

  • Road deaths

    Woman crashes car into convenience store after alleged assault by boyfriend in Ranong

    An unfortunate car accident occurred near a convenience store close to the exit gate of Ranong Provincial Police Station at around 8.45pm yesterday, according to Ranong police. A middle-aged woman, navigating a bronze-silver Toyota Yaris with plate number กง 737 Ranong, was involved in the mishap. The car flipped, laying upside down, its wheels pointing skyward. The woman managed to…

  • Central Thailand News

    Worker fatality sparks investigation at Pathum Thani convenience store

    In a shocking incident, a 43 year old convenience store worker was found dead behind the store after an intense day of work. His co-workers, who discovered the body, state he previously complained of being tired due to his dual role as a cashier and delivery driver. The unexpected death occurred in Sam Khok, Pathum Thani, prompting a hurried investigation…

  • China News

    Chinese couple caught having sex outside convenience store

    In a shocking incident, a couple was caught having sex outside of a popular convenience store entrance in Zhumadian, Henan Province, China, much to the surprise of passersby and the astonishment of netizens. Onlookers appeared to be indifferent to the scene, with some speculating that the woman seemed to be intoxicated. Local news reports indicated that the event took place…

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    Best instant noodles in Thailand to grab from your nearest convenience store

    When it comes to food, Thailand is known for its delicious curries and fragrant rice dishes. But what about when you’re in the mood for something quick and easy? That’s where instant noodles come in! In Thailand, there are countless brands and flavours to choose from. Exploring convenience stores means you’ll be confronted by an overwhelming sight of shelves filled…

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    Largest instant noodle convenience store

    This shop that opened in October last year has drawn thousands of teenagers since its opening. Not only does this shop have Thai instant noodles, it also has noodles coming from different countries that include Indonesia, South Korea, China, Japan,malaysia, and more. The cost ranges from 6 baht to 250 Baht

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    Convenience store employee attacked after telling a customer to wear a mask

    Four teenagers were arrested after they allegedly attacked a convenience store clerk who told customers to wear face masks before entering the shop over the weekend. Surveillance camera footage from the shop in the central province of Ratchaburi shows a group of teenagers gathering around the 19 year old employee before attacking him, punching and kicking until he fell on…

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    Kalasin man allegedly robs convenience store and then a gold shop the next day before being arrested

    A man in the northeastern Thai province of Kalasin allegedly went on a short-lived crime spree over the weekend. On Friday, the man allegedly robbed a convenience store and got 30,000 baht for his troubles. Then, on Saturday, the man allegedly robbed a gold shop. Police arrested the man yesterday as he exited the gold shop, but they found only…

  • Cannabis News

    Cannabis drinks now available in Thailand convenience stores

    From darkened back alleys to brightly lit 7-11 aisles, people in Thailand can now get their once-illegal cannabis fix in flavoured drinks at convenience stores and vending machines. The nation’s biggest bottled tea producer Ichitan Group has launched 2 new drinks with terpenes, the compounds that give that ganja smell. The cannabis drinks Ichitan launched are not aimed at the…

  • Economy News

    Shopping centres, supermarkets and convenience stores to close an hour earlier in Red Zones

    With the rising reported cases in Thailand, The Thai Retailers Association and Thai Shopping Centre Association has adjusted closing times for shopping centres, supermarkets and your local convenience stores. The situation applies for red zone provinces only at this stage. The new closing times will operate until at least May 2. • Shopping centres will close at 8pm • Supermarkets…

  • Food

    Great Thai Food Convenience Store Challenge l Chef Cyril Mougin | VIDEO

    Another chef to the challenge. What can a great chef create with ingredients ONLY from a 7/11? The Thaiger caught up with some amazing local chefs to see what they could put together after 5 minutes in a convenient store with 1,000 baht budget. Not only did they come up with some surprising ideas, they tasted DELICIOUS! Join Tim Newton…

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    The Great Convenience Store Gourmet Challenge l Chef Belinda Tuckwell

    The Thaiger caught up with some great local chefs to see what they could put together after 5 minutes in a convenient store with 1,000 baht budget. Not only did they come up with some surprising ideas, they tasted DELICIOUS! Join Tim Newton as he learns more about the chefs, their inspirations and how they ended up in Thailand. Our…

  • Northern Thailand News

    6 Pakistani nationals arrested for convenience store scam

    Police in Chiang Rai have arrested 6 Pakistani nationals charged with scamming convenience stores around northern Thailand. Thai Residents reports that the men would hand over a 1,000 baht note to pay for an item in a convenience store and receive change. They would then claim they didn’t want the item after all and ask for their money back. The…

  • Covid-19 News

    Bangkok, Phuket order convenience stores closed overnight to battle virus

    To fight the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, Bangkok’s convenience stores, food shops and stalls are to be closed from midnight to 5am, effective from now until end of April, by order of City Hall (the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, or BMA). A BMA spokesman says that all public and private parks in communities, housing estates and condos will also be…

  • Việt Nam

    Ji Chang Wook – Kim Yoo Jung cùng tham gia “Convenience Store Morning Star”

    Ji Chang Wook và Kim Yoo Jung xác vừa nhận sẽ tái ngộ trong dự án phim Convenience Store Saet Byul sắp tới. Convenience Store Saet Byul dựa trên một webtoon cùng tên xoay quanh nữ nhân viên bán thời gian kỳ quặc, tinh nghịch và anh chàng quản lý đẹp trai, vụng về tại một cửa hàng tiện lợi.…

  • Bangkok News

    Convenience store motorcycle shopper says he sorry for stunt

    A cloth bag would have sufficed. But with all the pictures of Thai inventiveness to replace the plastic bags at convenience stores, one man just drove the point home, literally. The man who drove his motorbike into a convenience store to take home his shopping now says he’s sorry for his actions after the pictures went viral online and received a…

  • Bangkok News

    59 year old man shot dead in convenience store

    A man was killed inside a convenience store at sunrise today in Saraburi province, north of Bangkok, after shouting out loud, “If you have a gun, shoot me”. The victim is identified as 59 year old Preecha Khunthong. He was shot several times between the eyes. “I don’t know what happened between him and the gunman. At first, they spoke…

  • Health

    Could cannabis cigarettes be available in your local convenience store?

    Thailand’s Tobacco Authority is continuing to lobby for a license for the production of cannabis-based cigarettes but has a few legal, and moral, hoops to climb through before anything happens. Using the ‘health benefits’ argument, the Thai tobacco industry is hoping it can get the go ahead to manufacture cannabis-based cigarettes which could, if given permission, be as available in…

  • Chiang Mai News

    American all smiles after getting nabbed over convenience store theft

    A 54 year old American has been caught stealing from a convenience store in Chiang Mai. Gregory Paul Burke was captured on camera at the Muang police station grinning over the matter. Staff at the store in Khotchasan Road, Chiang Mai, caught him stuffing two big bags of instant coffee, some chewing gum and a pack of sushi into his…

  • Thailand News

    Chiang Mai: Convenience store robber arrested

    Chiang Mai City Life is reporting that a man has been arrested after being tracked down following a robbery in Chiang Mai’s Mae Rim area. The man was dressed in grey with his face hidden with a motorcycle helmet. He was later arrested following the robbery of a convenience store on July 2nd. A 7-Eleven store at a petrol station…

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    Russian woman slashes her throat in Patong convenience store

    The videos of a 41 year old Russian woman trying to cut her own throat inside a 7-11 in Patong have gone viral. The videos were captured on the store’s CCTV as well as staff mobile phones. The videos show a woman wearing a yellow-black shirt and black trousers cutting her throat in front of a fridge at a store…

  • Food

    The Great Convenience Store Gourmet Challenge – Episode 5

    – Ryan Arboleda, Swissôtel Resort Patong Beach

  • News

    Phone thief nabbed in Surin Beach convenience store

    FILE PHOTO Phuket police arrested a Thai man soon after he stole a bag containing an iPhone 8 Plus from a Russian tourist at a beach on Sunday evening. 27 year old Preach Homsup from Ubon Ratchathani, was arrested at 7pm in front of a Family Mart convenience store in Tambon Choeng Thalay, Thalang district, near Surin Beach. He was…

  • Thai Life

    “The Great Convenience Store Gourmet Challenge” Episode 1

    Can a chef prepare an amazing meal simply from ingredients in a local 7/11 convenience store? One of my favourite things about living on our little slice of paradise, we get to do funky things with creative and cool people! Here’s our first episode of “The Great Convenience Store Gourmet Challenge” with Belinda Tuckwell from Firefly in Layan, Phuket.

  • Phuket NewsPhuket Poll: What is your favorite chain of convenience stores on Phuket? | Thaiger

    Phuket Poll: What is your favorite chain of convenience stores on Phuket?

    PHUKET: It seems that you can’t turn a corner on Phuket without bumping into yet another new convenience store opening its doors on Phuket. Supercheap and Tops Daily convenience stores are now adding to the ever increasing number of 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Tesco Express and “mum and pop” stores on the island. Some stores sit side by side. But with…

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    Thai man arrested for distributing crystal meth at 7-Eleven stores

    Police arrested a Thai man yesterday for distributing crystal meth at various 7-Eleven convenience stores along King Kaew Road in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok. A witness filed a complaint with Bang Kaew Police Station after he suspected a middle-aged Thai man, aged about 180 centimetres tall, was a drug dealer. Police later identified the suspect as 39 year old…