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Why Apply 90 Days Reporting Through the Thaiger?

If you have a long-stay visa in Thailand, you must report to the Thai Immigration office every 90 days to inform the officers of your whereabouts. We can help you complete your 90-day reporting requirements. For a longer stay in the country, we will ensure a smooth and quick process.

What is 90 day reporting?

Formally recognized as a “Notification of Staying in the Kingdom for over 90 Days”, the 90 Day Report is for anyone staying or living in Thailand for more than 90 days. You must complete this process to keep your visa active, regardless of your visa type, whether you have a business visa, an education visa, an O-A, O-X, or an Elite visa.

The purpose of 90-day reporting is to confirm your current address and status with Thai immigration.

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What You Need to Know About 90-Day Reporting

Below are the things you need to know and consider when applying for the 90-day reporting.

It’s Not Only For the First 90 Days

You have to do 90-day reporting regularly, not only the first 90 days of your stay but every 90 days. For example, you need to report on days 90, 180, and 270.

The Deadline of 90-Day Reporting

You can conduct your 90-day reporting within 14 days before the required date for your reporting or up to 7 days after, without getting a fine.

Leaving Thailand During the 90 days period

If you have a multiple entry visa and leave during the 90-day period, you don’t need to do the 90-day reporting. However, the moment you re-enter Thailand on the same visa, your 90-day count will restart.

Penalty for Late Reporting

If you don’t submit the 90-day report within the given timeframe, you will need to pay a fine of 2,000 baht. If you are arrested for any reason, the fine will go up to 5,000 baht, you’ll also be fined 200 baht/per day until payment is completed.

What Are the Required Documents For 90-Day Reporting?

You must provide the following documents for your 90-day reporting:

Original and Copy of Your Passport

Copy of all passport pages up to the latest arrival stamp in the Kingdom or latest visa stamp.


A passport sized photo (4 x 6 cm) will also be needed and better be prepared with at least two copies.

Arrival/Departure Card

A copy of your arrival/departure card TM. 6 with the front and back.

90-Day Report Notification Form

Completed and signed 90-day report notification form (TM.47).

Previous 90-Day Slip (If You Had One)

If you have already done 90-day reporting before, make sure to have a copy of your previous 90-day slip.

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Customer Reviews


Excellent guidance, correspondence, and support! Thanks Jackie for dealing with the complications and guided me through to the end. Highly recommended this service.

David Sterling

Thank you very much for the Thaiger’s visa services! I never realized it was possible to register for 90 days with online services, which saves me a lot of time.

Fiona S.

Service that is extremely competent. Communication that is both timely and reliable. There was no fuss, and the results were exactly as promised!

Leo Carlos


Good services from a professional, very helpful speaking to the support team. I got told specifically what I needed to do for the next step of getting my 9-0 day reported done.

Will Quinton


The Thaiger service is so innovative! They’re providing online services that save me time and energy, the entire process is on point and the team was very supportive.

Robert Wilkerson


It makes reporting 90 days much simpler because you can actually use their services instead of going through tiring procedures.

Billy T.

Different Ways To Do 90-Day Reporting

There are 4 main methods of completing the 90-day report.

Doing your 90-day reporting can be a painful and time-consuming process. Fortunately, you can use an authorized service to do it.

With the Thaiger, you only need to click “Apply Now” and provide the required documents. You can then sit back, relax, and wait for our notification that your 90-day reporting has been approved.

Key Points:

  • The easiest and most convenient option.
  • Guaranteed approval.
  • All you have to do is click “Apply Now” and provide the required documents.
  • Best option if you forget to do your 90-day reporting and need to do it last minute.
  • The process is a lot faster than other methods.

Online reporting can, in principle, be a simple way to finish the 90-day reporting period. The method, on the other hand, has never been dependable. When you submit your application online, it will be marked as “in progress.”

The application will be processed in 7 business days. You will be required to report to an immigration office if your application is denied. If your application is accepted, you will receive a printable receipt that you can keep in your passport.

Key Points:

  • Simple in principle, but the method has never been dependable.
  • Mark “in progress” when submitted.
  • Will take 7 business days.

Reporting by mail differs slightly from reporting in person. You must send your documents at least 15 days prior to your reporting deadline. You will want to do it 20 days ahead of time to ensure it is in working order.

These must be accompanied by a stamped (10 THB) addressed envelope with your home address on the back. The envelope is needed for immigration to return the bottom section of your TM47, which indicates your next reporting date.

Key Points:

  • Must send documents 15 days prior to reporting deadline.
  • Must be accompanied by a stamped and addressed envelope with your home address on the back.

The majority of expats prefer to report in person. However, it can be inconvenient because immigration offices in cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai can become overcrowded, with long wait times.

The best thing you can do is schedule your reporting day ahead of time. You’ll be home in time for lunch if you have all of your documents ready.

Key Points:

  • Can be inconvenient with long waiting times.
  • You need to schedule ahead of time.

Avoid the hassle and long queues by applying online, through the Thaiger.

I previously did my first 90-day reporting in person and was shocked when I saw how long the queue was at immigration. It took a lot of time, just to get everything ready and the process is so complicated. Fortunately, I found the Thaiger and used their service for my second 90-day reporting. It was so simple and quick to apply for the service and all I did was provide the nessisarry documents, and waited.

Top tip: Avoid long queues and time wasted by applying with the Thaiger.

Why Choose the Thaiger?

We understand how complicated it can be to do 90-day reporting. That’s why we’re here to guide you through all the process. Our team of knowledgeable immigration experts is always available to answer your questions and help you with your problems.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve completed their 90-day reporting with the Thaiger

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Important things to Remember Before You Do 90-Day Reporting

There are few things yo need to remember every time you need to do your 90-day reporting. Knowing these things will help you have a smooth and easy process.

Download Form

Go to www.immigration.go.th and download the TM.47 form.

90-Day reporting As Extension of Stay

Remember that this is not an extension of stay. It is done to update the immigration office about your current address.

Overdue 90-Day Reporting

You can’t do overdue 90-day reporting online. You must contact the nearest Immigration Office in person.

Visa Extension vs 90-Day Reporting

The notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days is in no way equivalent to a visa extension.

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Frequently Asked Questions About 90-Day Reporting

Bangkok Immigration Service Center, Big C, Rat Burana Road.

Or you can directly go to the nearest immigration offices in Thailand province.

The 90-Day Non-Immigrant visa is issued to foreigners who wish to enter Thailand for study, business, investment, retirement and other purposes.

The holder of this visa is also given a period of 90 days stay inside Thailand and can be extended for 7 days.

The first thing you have to do is file a report at your local police station. This usually costs 20 Baht. Then go to your local Immigration and request a new departure card. There is no fine or fee, so please be polite as you are creating extra work for the officers. If you are flying out, please allow for extra time for them to process your request at airport Immigration.

There is no fine involved as long as you are not late. (Most Immigration offices will give you a 7 day grace period. Please double check this with your local office.) If you have lost your form, you will need to go to your local police station first to file a report. This usually costs no more than 50 Baht

If your children live with you and you already do 90 Day reporting yourself, then there is no need for your children to do so too. However, by the time they reach the age of 15, they should start doing 90 Day Reporting themselves. If your child is over 15, there could be a fine of 2,000 Baht. If you are in doubt, please contact the Immigration officer.

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