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    Hanoi man discovers he’s not the father of his son after wife’s slip

    A 45 year old man from Hanoi, Vietnam, working for a government agency, has been left reeling after a DNA test revealed he is not the biological father of his 10 year old son. The shocking discovery came to light following an inadvertent comment made by his wife during a heated argument. The man, known by the pseudonym Nguyen, has…

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    Indian husband arranges wedding for unfaithful wife and her lover (video)

    In an unusual twist of events that recently went viral, an Indian man decided to arrange a wedding so his unfaithful wife could marry her secret lover, with the entire neighbourhood as witnesses. The noteworthy solution, chosen by the husband after discovering his wife’s illicit affair, left many bystanders astonished. The distressed husband, a resident of Phihara, India, has been…