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  • Thailand News

    South Korean YouTuber sparks tuk tuk fare controversy in Thailand

    South Korean rapper and YouTuber, Il Hong Min, commonly known as Phi Hong, recently aired his dissatisfaction with a tuk tuk service encountered during his visit to Ayutthaya, Thailand. In a video shared on his Oppa Hong channel, he revealed that he was charged 1,200 baht for a four-hour tour, a service he claimed was forcefully sold to him and…

  • Phuket News

    Tuk tuk tango: Phuket driver fined for tourist’s dance debacle

    A tuk tuk driver in Phuket’s bustling Patong district found himself on the wrong side of the law recently when he was slapped with a fine. The tuk tuk driver’s offence? Allowing a tourist to dance atop his vehicle while it was caught in the snarl of traffic on Patong Beach Road. The incident, captured in a video which quickly…

  • Phuket News

    British man punches tuk tuk taxi driver after crash in Patong

    There’s been another late-night conflict in Patong. A British man punched a tuk tuk taxi driver in Patong following a crash late on Tuesday night. The incident occurred after a group of foreign motorbike riders, including the suspect, crashed into a parked tuk tuk taxi. The tuk tuk taxi driver, Armin Longklang, demanded compensation for the damage caused to his…