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    Lucky gecko’s double tail: The house’s ticket to lottery fortune in Thailand

    Residents of a house believe a distinctive two-tailed gecko they spotted clinging to a wall in Phayao province, Thailand is a lucky lottery omen. The homeowner, holding a belief in the superstition that geckos are harbingers of good luck, decided to take a chance with the lottery by using the house number. These particular geckos, remarkably plump and measuring approximately…

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    Unique Thai village profits from hot-season tokay gecko trade exports to China

    A unique Thai village is gaining lucrative income from capturing and processing tokay geckoes, generating hundreds of thousands of baht (US$2,860) per month during the hot season. In the northeast province of Nakhon Phanom, villagers from Ban Tal in Nah Wah district are seizing the opportunity to capture the amphibians that thrive in the warm weather. Ban Tal Thai Village,…