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    Things you shouldn’t do in Thailand

    Are you planning a trip or relocating to Thailand? Then you should know what you can and cannot do in the country. The Land of Smiles is a country with unique cultures and traditions that you’re probably unfamiliar with. Yes, Thais are very used to foreigners, and they’re very forgiving. However, that doesn’t mean that you can be careless and…

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    Good Morning Thailand | The Thai time machine, Thai paperwork and red tape, Covid update

    Have you ever experienced Thai time? Thai time seems to tick by at a totally different pace. Some people find it exasperating, others recognise it as part of the Thai ‘sabia sabia’ culture. And then there’s Thai paperwork. When efficiency sometimes takes second place, there’s still mounds of paperwork to fill out where red tape becomes a national sport. Jay,…

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    GMT | Phuket Sandbox, East vs West ‘misunderstandings’, Live from Cafe Waya

    Today Tim and Sumi talk with Ajarn Colin G about intercultual communications, the differences between the east and the west and how we can avoid misunderstandings. Sandbox latest. Welcome to Day 2 of our week long LIVE program @ Cafe Waya in Boat Avenue Cherngtalay, Phuket. Drop in and say hello (doing the program from Waya Cafe until next Wednesday)

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    Reporter banned from Government House says police aimed a gun at her at rally

    A Thai reporter who has been banned from Government House claims a police officer pointed a gun at her, 2 days before the run-in with the PM that led to her removal from the press gallery. Kamonthip Aungsakularporn found her access to Government House revoked after challenging PM Prayut Chan-o-cha over claims that Thailand was forcing Burmese refugees back over…

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    Tom yum goong to be nominated for UNESCO cultural heritage list

    Thailand’s famous hot and spicy shrimp soup, or tom yum goong, as it’s better known locally, is being nominated for inclusion on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list. Thai PBS World reports that the government has approved a proposal from the Culture Ministry that the renowned dish be put forward for inclusion. UNESCO established its Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage with…

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    Oops! Culture Ministry deletes website suggestion that traditional Thai garment could be used to commit suicide

    Thailand’s Culture Ministry is in hot water after suggesting on its website that one of the many uses for the Thai waistcloth (pha khao ma) could be to hang oneself. The suggestion appeared on the website as part of a list of ways the traditional garment could be used. Other helpful suggestions included using it as a towel or a…

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    Why Thai locals make homes for the spirits

    Spirits are everywhere in Thailand. That’s what many locals believe. Spirits are said to inhabit the miniature, temple-like structures, known as spirit houses, which are placed outside nearly every Thai home, plantation, hotel and even between Bangkok’s high-rise buildings. Flowers, bright red soda and other offerings for the spirits are routinely placed on the dollhouse-sized structures as a form of…

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    How to Wai like a Thai, with Som | VIDEO

    The wai, the polite gesture Thais use for greetings, farewells, prayers and even apologies, dates back to the 12th century, where both hands clasped together in front proved that you weren’t holding a weapon. That’s the folklore anyway. Recently, the greeting has increased in general popularity around the world as a anti-Covid ‘safe’ replacement for the western handshake. So, how,…

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    Musical composition of His Majesty King Bhumibol the most popular New Year song in Thailand – VIDEO

    A song written by His Majesty, the late King Bhumibol, and Prince Chakrapan Pensiri, in December 1951, is still the most popular New Year song among the people of Thailand today. Pohn Pee Mai, which translates as “New Year Blessing” can be heard on TV channels, radio stations, and at public gatherings, and has been a part of Thai culture…

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    Alcohol ban across Thailand Tuesday and Wednesday for Buddhist holidays

    There will be a ban on alcohol sales for two days this week – Tuesday and Wednesday – around Thailand. The ban starts at midnight tonight (Monday). The holidays are Asarnha Bucha Day (Tuesday, July 16) and Khao Phansa Day (Wednesday, July 17). Asarnha Bucha commemorates the Buddha’s first sermon to his five disciples after attaining Enlightenment more than 2,500…