sperm donations

  • Thailand News

    Engineer’s zero sperm count unveils family lineage mystery

    A 40 year old engineer recently discovered he had a zero sperm count, leading to a shocking revelation about his family’s lineage. Dr Gu Fangyu, a specialist in urology, recounted the case of his patient, who worked in the technology industry and suffered from infertility. After a thorough examination, the engineer was diagnosed with congenital absence of the Vas deferens,…

  • World News

    Dutchman ordered to quit donating sperm after allegedly fathering 550 kids

    A man in the Netherlands, known only as 41 year old Jonathan M, was ordered by Dutch judges yesterday to quit donating sperm after he allegedly fathered over 550 children. A foundation advocating for the rights of donor children and a mother of one of the purported children took the man to court. Dutch clinical guidelines state that a sperm…