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  • Thailand News

    Extended homage hours for Buddha relics in Bangkok

    Thailand’s Ministry of Culture extended visiting hours for the public to pay homage to sacred Buddha relics, Phra Borom Saririkatat and the Phra Arahanthata, at a ceremonial ground at Sanam Luang. The relics, temporarily brought from India, can now be venerated from 8am to 9pm daily, until March 3, as part of the grand celebration in honour of His Majesty…

  • Tourism News

    Divine destinations: Thailand’s tourism authority paves way for spiritual sojourns

    The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is gearing up to host an event that aims to promote 12 religious tourism routes across the country. This initiative seeks to stimulate tourism and boost revenue by catering to tourists who seek religious activities or follow a spiritual path. Yuthasak Supasorn, the Governor of TAT, shared data from the Ministry of Commerce revealing…