• Chiang Mai

    Officials search for missing toddler in Chiang Mai

    The combined forces of police, border patrol police, rescue volunteers, and villagers helped search for a missing 1 year and 11 month old girl in Chiang Mai, a northern Thai province, yesterday. The girl has been missing since Sunday night. Heat-seeking drones and sniffer dogs were also used to help scour the area within a 2 to 3 kilometre radius…

  • Thailand

    GMT | New record infections, Pattaya ‘Move On’, drones or fireworks? | July 29

    Tim and Jay talk about new clusters around the country, idiots opening bars, the latest Samui cluster, vaccination centre crushes, the new ‘fireworks’ being used at big events, a lot of fuss about a Thai Air Asia Zoom call. And your comments from Thaiger Talk and YouTube. Thanks to our sponsors Shambhala from Boat Pattana.

  • Environment

    Drones used to find two elephants stuck in the Haew Narok ravine

    Park officials have have been using drones to find two wild elephants, who climbed out of the ravine at Haew Narok waterfall in Khao Yai national park, north of Nakhon Nayok, north-east of Bangkok. But it took the delivery of a truckload of bananas for the elephants to eat and regain their strength. Six elephants, including a baby elephant, fell…

  • Bangkok

    Send in the drones – Bangkok Governor – Air pollution – VIDEO

    Authorities in Bangkok launched 50 drones yesterday in an attempt to combat the ongoing air pollution that has gained international attention. The drones were equipped with sprinklers and water was sprayed to lower the PM2.5 particles in the atmosphere. The water was laced with molasses (a gooey, surgery syrup) help capture the fine particles of pollution and bring them to…