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  • Events

    Peninsula Bangkok: festive feasts and holiday stay offers

    For decades, The Peninsula Bangkok has served as a cherished “holiday home” to guests during the Christmas and New Year’s seasons. At this special time of year, travellers from around the world – as well as local Bangkok residents – converge at the resort along the Chao Phraya River to take part in an array of festive meals, performances, activities,…

  • Best Bites

    Around the world in six courses at Emotion Restaurant

    From France to China, beef plays an important role in various cuisines around the world. To celebrate the versatility of this staple ingredient, the chef at Emotion Restaurant has curated a menu that takes you on a global tour. Through their exclusive Chef’s Table experience, they showcase the finest traditional beef dishes from different cultures. And staying true to their…

  • Food

    Emotion Restaurant brings European techniques and Asian tastes to Watthana, Bangkok

    Are you looking for something new and exciting to spice up your dinner? Then Emotion is exactly where you need to be. Located in Watthana, one of Bangkok’s most affluent neighbourhoods, Emotion is a European restaurant with an Asian twist. The restaurant gives you much more than a tasty meal. Here, plenty of dishes come with a mini show. Emotion…