• Transport News

    Cockroach’s thrilling 2,000-km journey rivets Chinese plane passenger

    An exciting in-flight encounter with a stowaway cockroach caught the attention of social media after a female Chinese passenger on a flight from Shibaoshan to Ningbo noticed the critter. The insect’s surprising endurance while clinging onto the aeroplane window during a 2,000-kilometre journey at high altitudes added a thrill to the passenger’s air travel experience. The passenger, who opted for…

  • Thailand News

    Lone mites alert: Blood-sucking pests cause severe itching and spread through contact

    Mhor Lab Panda’s Facebook page, a popular page in Thailand, warns about a tiny blood-sucking mite called ‘lone’ that causes severe itching, especially in private areas. The mite can spread through sexual contact or sharing personal items, and experts advise those affected to seek medical treatment immediately. Today, Mhor lab Panda posted a warning on social media about the presence…