Thai Tabiean Baan: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to your questions about Thai Tabiean Baan.

What Is the Purpose of the Thai Tabiean Baan?

You can use the Thai Tabiean Baan when Thai authorities need formal proof of your residency in Thailand. You may use it to get a driver’s license, open a bank account, or when you purchase and transfer the ownership of a real estate, car, or motorcycle. You may also use it to get your phone or internet connected.

Key Points

  • You can use the Thai Tabiean Baan when Thai authorities need formal proof of your residency in Thailand.
  • The information included in your Thai Tabiean Baan will be presented in Thai.
  • Applying for a Thai Tabiean Baan is free of charge.

What Information Appears in Thai Tabiean Baan?

The information in your Thai Tabiean Baan will be presented entirely in Thai. The first page of the book, or the opening page, will contain the full address of your property and the residence type (either a house or condominium). The second page will feature the full name, nationality, 13 digit citizen ID number, and the date of birth of the ‘householder.’ The householder may or may not be the property owner. The remaining pages show the information of every other non-resident foreign occupant (called the ‘dependent) who lives at the same address.

Where Do I Apply For a Thai Tabiean Baan?

You can apply for a Yellow Tabiean Baan at the Amphoe or Municipal government office responsible for managing civil registrations.

The Thai Tabiean Baan can help make your life in Thailand easier.

How Long Does the Process of Obtaining a Thai Tabiean Baan Take?

The processing time depends on how familiar your district office is with issuing them. In general, you should be able to get your Tabien Ban within an hour or two. For more remote district offices, it may take longer. If sign-offs from senior officials in that specific office are required, it may take several days. In some district offices, the officers may want to interview you to verify your relationship (if you are married) and to double-check why you want to be registered.

If you need help with the requirements, documents, and application process, there are numerous services that can help you.

Is There a Fee to Get a Thai Tabiean Baan?

No, the whole process of obtaining a Thai Tabiean Baan is free. However, if you lose or damage your Tabiean Baan, you will have to pay a small fee for a replacement.

Do I Need to Live Where I’m Registered?

No, you don’t need to live where you’re registered. Many Thai citizens, especially those who have to move provinces for work, usually don’t live where they are registered. In addition, landlords usually don’t let their tenants be registered on their tabien ban.

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