Month: June 2000

  • PhuketKorean visitor hospitalized after fall | Thaiger

    Korean visitor hospitalized after fall

    PHUKET TOWN: A 42 year-old South Korean visitor, Kang Ki Hswan, is in hospital with serious head injuries after falling from a second-floor terrace at the Pearl Hotel yesterday morning. It is understood that Mr Hswan came to Phuket on Wednesday after being invited to the opening ceremony of the new Pearl Bowl bowling alley, held yesterday afternoon. Pol Maj…

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  • PhuketForeign investment goosing local economy | Thaiger

    Foreign investment goosing local economy

    PHUKET: Foreign investment in Phuket is still booming, according to the latest statistics from the Provincial Commercial Registration Office, which show that 95% of the businesses registered between June 1, 1998 and May 31, 2000 have foreign capital in them. This compares with about 65% in the two years up to May 31, 1998. “If we didn’t have the foreign…

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  • PhuketPoliceman kills karaoke critic | Thaiger

    Policeman kills karaoke critic

    BANGKOK (AFP): A police officer has confessed to killing one man and attempting to kill another because they didn’t like his karaoke performance, police said today. Pol Cpl Jirawat Sangworn, 25, has admitted both charges, claiming he was provoked by the victims’ booing and name-calling when he was about to sing the same song – a sentimental Thai ballad –…

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  • PhuketTurtles fail to cooperate with researchers | Thaiger

    Turtles fail to cooperate with researchers

    SIMILAN ISLANDS: Scientists, ecologists and navy personnel from Phuket and Japan combined recently on a project to attach satellite tracking tags to sea turtles in Thai waters. The only thing missing was the turtles; over a two-week period, the 12-person research team camping on Mun-Nai Island in the Similans managed to find only five turtles they could tag. Involved in…

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  • PhuketOpposition MPs begin mass resignation | Thaiger

    Opposition MPs begin mass resignation

    BANGKOK (AFP): Thailand’s largest opposition party staged a mass resignation today in a bid to force the government to call a general election. The New Aspiration Party (NAP) said 50 of its 116 MPs – including leader Chavalit Yongchaiyudh and secretary general Wan Muhamad Nor Matha – had quit and 41 planned to follow later in the day, the first…

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  • PhuketThird fisherman murdered in 48 hours | Thaiger

    Third fisherman murdered in 48 hours

    PHUKET TOWN: A man believed to be a Burmese fisherman was found dead in front of the entrance of the P. Pichai raft on Soi Si Sena in Phuket’s fishing port early yesterday morning. He was the third person to be murdered in the area in a period of 48 hours. Pol Capt Kanuang Pitakkulthorn of Phuket Town Police Station…

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  • PhuketAcademic warned to stay away “or risk injury” | Thaiger

    Academic warned to stay away “or risk injury”

    PHUKET: The instigator of a campaign to get a Bangkok-based academic to apologize for allegedly slandering the revered former abbot of Chalong, Luang Por Cham, has urged the academic to stay away from Phuket or risk injury at the hands of irate locals. Amnuay Koombarn, a member of the Phuket Provincial Administration Organization, is leading a petition to press Dr…

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  • PhuketPIWC sports day raises 28,000 baht | Thaiger

    PIWC sports day raises 28,000 baht

    KARON: The Family Sports Day organized by the Phuket International Women’s Club (PIWC) on Saturday at the Phuket Arcadia Hotel in Karon raised just over 28,000 baht toward the PIWC’s scholarship fund. As in previous years, fun games were organized by Claire Ratcliffe and Mark Breit of Coral Seekers. The event attracted 138 adults and children. Sponsors included the Phuket…

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  • Phuket

    Car smashes house, kills woman

    KAMALA: A 45-year-old woman was killed early yesterday morning by a car whose driver lost control after avoiding a motorbike. The woman, Suda Khummitr, was sweeping in front of her house next to a bend on the Kamala beach road when, at about 6.45 am, the car hit her and then smashed into her house. The driver, a 29-year-old Australian…

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  • PhuketGruesome double murder in fishing port | Thaiger

    Gruesome double murder in fishing port

    PHUKET TOWN: Two Burmese fishermen were found murdered on Soi Si Sena, in Phuket’s fishing port, on Saturday morning. Pol Maj Songwut Khunjan of Phuket Town Police Station told the Gazette that the first man, as yet unidentified, was wearing a white shirt and green pants and appeared to be 20-25 years old. He is thought to have died at…

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  • PhuketCrackdown on insect souvenirs | Thaiger

    Crackdown on insect souvenirs

    PHUKET: The Phuket Provincial Forestry Office has announced its intention to crack down on anyone selling, buying, hunting, collecting or “doing anything threatening whatsoever” to 15 species of endangered insects. The insects, four kinds of beetles and 11 kinds of butterflies, are already protected under the 1992 Preserved and Protected Wild Animals Act. Recently, dried remains of some of these…

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  • PhuketPig disease “no danger to Phuket’ | Thaiger

    Pig disease “no danger to Phuket’

    PHUKET: Following reports that the deadly Nipah virus is making a comeback in northern Malaysia, Phuket’s health chief today sought to allay worries that the disease may spread to southern Thailand, including Phuket. Dr Boonrieng Chuchaisangrat, Chief of the Phuket Provincial Health Office told the Gazette, “So far, there have been no reports of anyone in the country getting this…

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  • PhuketSmiling bag-snatcher caught, alive | Thaiger

    Smiling bag-snatcher caught, alive

    PHUKET TOWN: The smiling bag snatcher who grabbed at least 11 purses in Phuket over the last month, including five in one 24-hour period, was nabbed by police after committing another crime at Tesco Lotus Supercenter on Thursday night. On Wednesday, Pol Col Chalit Thinthanee, Superintendent of Phuket Town Police, ordered his officers to catch the bag-snatcher “dead or alive”.…

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  • PhuketPolice to get “anti-terrorist’ equipment | Thaiger

    Police to get “anti-terrorist’ equipment

    PHUKET: Following instructions from Phuket Provincial Governor Charnchai Soontharamut, police have ordered 85,000 baht worth of metal detecting equipment in order to “increase public safety” in Phuket. The equipment, which is scheduled for delivery at the beginning of July, consists of two Super Scanners and an Inspector G-100. The Super Scanner is a hand-held metal detector similar to those used…

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  • PhuketJapanese tourist drowns at Koh Hey | Thaiger

    Japanese tourist drowns at Koh Hey

    CHALONG: A Japanese tourist, Makoto Kato, drowned at Koh Hey Island this afternoon, not long after eating his first meal on the island. Pol Maj Sanae Panmee of Chalong Police Station said, “The victim’s guide told us that Mr Kato ate lunch, during which time he drank some beer, and then went snorkeling. “We still don’t know exactly how he…

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  • PhuketThai Rak Thai announces MP candidates | Thaiger

    Thai Rak Thai announces MP candidates

    PHUKET: The Thai Rak Thai Party has named its candidates for Phuket’s two parliamentary seats in the general election that must be held before the end of this year. Yada Palimapan, a member of the Provincial Administration Organization (OrBorJor), is to stand for Voting District 1, which covers Phuket Town apart from Tambon Rassada and Tambon Koh Kaew. Hiran Thepsiri-amnuoy…

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  • PhuketShipwreck survivors plucked from sea | Thaiger

    Shipwreck survivors plucked from sea

    PHUKET: A Thai transport ship, H. Charoensamut 28, on Monday rescued nine Indonesian sailors whose cargo vessel had sunk two days earlier. The survivors are now in Phuket awaiting repatriation. Jian Tabpian, 51, captain of the Thai ship, told Marine Police that as his vessel was passing through the Straits of Malacca, one of his crew saw the nine men…

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  • PhuketBag-snatchers must be caught, “dead or alive’ | Thaiger

    Bag-snatchers must be caught, “dead or alive’

    PHUKET TOWN: The top policeman in Phuket Town, Pol Col Chalit Thinthanee, has issued instructions that a group of bag-snatchers are to be caught “dead or alive” after a huge surge in bag thefts in Phuket Town. Eleven cases have been reported in the past three weeks, five of them on Saturday and Sunday alone. All the thefts were from…

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  • PhuketJumbo problem returns to Bangkok | Thaiger

    Jumbo problem returns to Bangkok

    BANGKOK (AFP): Elephants are returning to Bangkok after being banished three months ago, forcing a showdown with authorities who say they have no place in the busy city. “Thirty-eight elephants have returned to the city since mid-May and are living around Ramkamheng,” a Bangkok suburb, veterinarian Alongkorn Mahannop of the Dusit Zoo told AFP today. “There is no food for…

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  • Koh SamuiDutchman charged in Koh Samui murder | Thaiger

    Dutchman charged in Koh Samui murder

    BANGKOK (AFP): Thai police investigating the strangling of an elderly Dutch woman on the southern resort island of Koh Samui said today that they have arrested a fellow Dutch national. Helmut Johan Beute, a 35-year-old from Enschede, was arrested yesterday after police found the body of 65-year-old Martha Johanna Jansen, from Haarlem, in her holiday bungalow on Saturday. She had…

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  • PhuketOrBorJor agrees to lower tax on hotels | Thaiger

    OrBorJor agrees to lower tax on hotels

    PHUKET: Lobbying by hoteliers has convinced the Phuket Provincial Administration Organization (OrBorJor) to reduce the amount of tax it will levy on hotel room revenues. The hotel tax is one of three local taxes the Thai Constitution allows the provincial OrBorJor to levy. The other two apply to fuel and tobacco, both of which were implemented in Phuket last year.…

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  • PhuketRoof workers find historic documents | Thaiger

    Roof workers find historic documents

    PHUKET TOWN: Workers fixing the roof of the Phuket Provincial Office made an extraordinary find last week in a corner of the building’s attic: four stacks of documents dating back as far as 80 years ago. Astonishingly, the find came just a few days after another group of roofing workers found similar documents under the roof of the Phuket Provincial…

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