• China News

    Sneaky slither: Customs officers uncover woman smuggling 5 snakes in her underwear

    The vigilance deployed by customs officers was tested recently when they became suspicious of a woman who seemed agitated. Shock ensued when they discovered that she had five snakes concealed within her underwear, having smuggled them all the way from America. Late last month, customs officials at a port in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, became suspicious of the woman’s demeanour.…

  • World News

    Singaporean landlord under scrutiny after using tenant’s undergarments

    A situation of intrusive landlord behaviour recently emerged in Singapore. This involved a homeowner illegally entering the private space of a 23 year old Malaysian woman and her boyfriend who were renting a room, causing them to quickly vacate the premises. The discovery of a scandalous act related to the tenant‘s undergarments was a critical clue that led the way…