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    TikTok ticking bomb: Soldier’s daring disposal and life philosophy go viral

    A disarming every-second-counts video of a soldier removing a bomb at the Phra Viharn border became a TikTok sensation after he said, “No expectation of how long I can live but want to make the most of my life.” The high-risk bomb disposal video footage was posted on TikTok by Warongkorn Sringam, an experienced Military K9 official with the Bomb…

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    Thai-Burmese border checkpoints prepare to re-open in Tak province

    In the long road to ‘normal’, Thailand is now reopening many of its land border checkpoints from today. But the Thailand Pass is still in force for Thais or foreigners hoping to cross these borders. Many of the borders are reopening from today. Others this week. As the Covid-19 situation appears to ease, Thailand is preparing to re-open 2 border…

  • Crime News

    Officials to get tough on people smugglers, use MoUs to bring workers in legally

    The labour minister says people smugglers face arrest and having their assets seized as part of a crackdown on migrant workers being brought into Thailand illegally. Since Thailand’s re-opening to international tourists, border officials have seen an increase in the number of illegal migrants attempting to cross into Thailand to secure work. Suchart Chomklin says the criminals running people-smuggling operations…

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    Burmese, Cambodian jobseekers caught entering Thailand illegally

    Unscrupulous people smugglers are taking advantage of Burmese and Cambodian workers who are desperate to find employment in Thailand. With the re-opening of the country to international tourism, migrant workers are paying illegal brokers to secure employment and transport into the kingdom. The Bangkok Post reports that yesterday, police in the western province of Kanchanaburi arrested 97 Burmese nationals who…

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    Morning Top Stories | New disease control law, Thai border patrol tightens security | September 22 |

    Caitlin gives us a covid update as well as all the morning headlines across Thailand and regional headlines around Asia: New disease control law in the works to replace Emergency Decree, Phuket Vegetarian Festival under tight restrictions and Malaysia reaches target of 80% adults fully vaccinated. As well as a Covid update.

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    More than 15,000 foreigners arrested since January for illegal border crossings

    Thousands of foreign nationals have been arrested this year for illegally crossing land borders into Thailand. Due to fears that those entering Thailand illegally and evading the mandatory 14-day quarantine could possibly lead to the spread of Covid-19, particularly more contagious variants of the virus, Thai authorities say they will take tough legal action on illegal migrants and labour traffickers.…

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    Thai government denies Burmese refugees are being pushed back over the border

    The Thai government has denied media reports that Burmese refugees fleeing the conflict in Myanmar are being pushed back over the border. Tanee Sangrat from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs insists that news reports claiming some Karen villagers who arrived in Thailand had been forced to return to Myanmar are false. “Those reports cite information solely from non-official sources without…

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    Thailand’s army refutes claims it’s supplying rice to Burmese soldiers

    Thailand’s Army claims it has not been providing rice supplies for the Burmese army during their bloody crackdown on citizens since the February 1 coup. Instead, the Royal Thai Army maintain that the rice supplies are just ‘normal trade’. Since February 1. when the Burmese generals seized power from the elected government under Aung San Suu Kyi, an estimated 250…

  • World News

    UPDATE: Thailand Deputy PM responds to Myanmar army coup

    Myanmar’s military have seized power in a bloodless coup this morning. The elected NLD party, led by Aung San Suu Kyi, has been deposed following months of tense speculation by Burmese army leaders over alleged voter fraud after last November’s general election. Out of 476 seats up for grabs in last November’s general election, the military backed party only won…

  • Crime News

    New illicit drug cocktail on Bangkok’s streets | VIDEO

    Watch the video here… WARNING: This article contains content related to drugs and drug use. A cocktail of narcotics known to police as “K powdered milk” or “K Nompong’ in Thai, is suspected to be linked to a number of deaths among young Thais in Bangkok. The “K powdered milk” is a mixture of ketamine, heroin, methamphetamine and a sleeping…

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    Thailand News Today | Burmese border #&#!!!, Charges for Penguin, 9 dead in floods | Dec 4

    Thailand News Today, coming to you from the relatively dry Phuket, compared to the horrible flooding in parts of southern Thailand. 5 shot and in critical condition after gang clash in Phitsanulok 5 people have been shot and critically wounded in what police believe to be a turf war between 2 rival gangs in Phitsanulok, Central Thailand. Police say gang…

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    Thailand News Today | Protesters face arrest | Phuket “in a coma”| September 22

    Thailand News Today with Tim Newton. Daily news from around Thailand. Struggling airlines to get reprieve through small loans, extension to fuel tax cut Airlines in Thailand are being offered a financial lifeline, as the Government Savings Bank announces soft loans for carriers left struggling as a result of the current Covid-19 ‘disruption’. The GSB is offering the loans over…