Songkran 2022

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    Tips for your Songkran in Phuket 2024

    Thinking about spending Songkran in 2024 in Phuket? You’re in for a treat! Songkran is the Thai New Year, a time full of fun, water fights, and special moments. It happens in April, when everything feels fresh and bright. Phuket, with its beautiful beaches, friendly people, and exciting places to see, is a fantastic spot to join in the celebrations.…

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    How to spend your Songkran at Hua Hin 2024

    Are you looking for your ideal getaway for the upcoming Songkran Holidays? Do you fancy an escape to the beach? Hua Hin is a fantastic destination to visit in Thailand to celebrate Songkran. It is the nearest beach to Bangkok, only 3-4 hours drive away. So, save yourself some valuable time and travel expenses. Hua Hin is also a popular…

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    Good Morning Thailand | Thailand pass, Misbehaving foreigners & Solar Power

    Is the arrival PCR test for the Thailand pass test & go going to be scrapped? A Japanese women sprays water at people and flaunts not wearing masks in her TikTok videos which has caused a lot of criticism online and a man in Isaan takes advantage of Solar Power to reduce his electricity bills from 4000 BHT to 44…

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    Thailand News Today | More women accuse politician in major sex scandal

    3 more women have broken their silence, adding to claims of one of the largest sex scandals in Thailand involving a senior politician. On Monday, another three women filed complaints with police against former Democrat deputy leader ปริญญ์ พานิชภักดิ์, for a total of eight women who have officially accused him of sexual misconduct. Lawyer Sittra escorted the three women to…

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    Thailand’s Songkran road deaths decrease by 20% since last year

    Thailand’s Deputy Interior Minister says road deaths during Songkran have reduced by 20% compared to last year, during the first 4 days between April 11-17 (aka. Seven Deadly Days). The first 4days saw 1,195 road accidents, with 157 deaths, and 1,185 people injured. Last year there were 1,795 road accidents, with 192 people killed, and 1,818 injured, during the same…

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    Spreading Thai Culture Overseas in an RV | Songkran Special

    The Cooking Nomads couple – Anne & Hassan are a Thai – American couple who live the RV life in the USA. They share their experiences and spread Thai culture everywhere they park their RV home. How difficult it was for Anne as a Thai person to adapt to the RV lifestyle? How do they manage a tiny space? and…

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    Why is Thai New Years 3 Days Long? | Songkran Special

    Have you ever wondered why Thai New Years celebration is 3 days long? Traditionally, each day of the Songkran festival has a different meaning. What does each day symbolise? Watch this clip to find out more about the Thai new year as Nan dives deep into the meaning and traditions of each day from 13 -15 of April.

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    26 killed in 200 plus vehicle accidents on Day 1 of Songkran’s ‘7 Deadly Days’

    On Monday — the first day of the “Seven Deadly Days of the Songkran” — there were 237 vehicle accidents, killing 26 people and injuring 238 others. Speeding is the biggest problem so far. Thailand’s road-safety campaign spans the week of the Thai New Year, from April 11 to 17, during which vehicle accidents are notoriously common. The government has…

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    Thailand News Update | Thais head off early for Songkran

    More Russians are reportedly interested in venturing down to Thailand. After the Russian PM announced last week it would lift Covid-19 restrictions on flights to 52 countries, starting April 9, some Russian travel agents claim there has been a massive increase in Thailand search inquiries by Russians wanting to escape winter, and perhaps a few other current inconveniences. Searches for…

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    With splash parties banned, Thais celebrate Songkran with characters on chat app

    With traditional Songkran water fights banned in Thailand due to Covid-19, Thais are now “celebrating” the holiday with avatars on a chat app. The ONESIAM x Zepeto Metaverse Songkran Festival 2022 is a collaboration between property giant Siam Piwat, and the Zepeto chat app. Would-be Songkran revellers who are customers of Siam Piwat malls can download Zepeto. Users can then…

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    Thailand’s Ministry of Interior urges tight Covid enforcement during Songkran

    The Permanent Secretary of Thailand’s Ministry of Interior is calling on provincial governors to “rigidly enforce Covid-19 restrictions” during the looming Songkran annual break. The Permanent Secretary, Suthipong Julcharoe, also suggested 10 “Universal Prevention” methods. These include frequent handwashing and not touching your face, as well as vulnerable groups staying at home. Suthipong also suggested “double masking” (wearing 2 face…

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    Drunk drivers in Thailand could be jailed without suspension during Songkran

    Authorities in Thailand are vowing to get serious about drunk driving during Songkran. Drunk drivers caught between Monday and Sunday next week, during the time of the holiday, are more likely be jailed without suspension if convicted. A police major general said yesterday that police recently discussed measures to discourage drunk driving with officials. The major general said police and…

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    Songkran 2022: Bangkok allows “traditional water sprinkling”

    No foam parties or powder smearing will be allowed in Bangkok during Songkran next month, but when it comes to water splashing on the Thai New Year, known for massive water gun fights, the rules are a bit vague. “Traditional water sprinkling” is allowed, but officials did not go into detail about what exactly that means. The Bangkok Communicable Disease…

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    Thailand News Today | Songkran this year: what you can and can’t do

    no foam parties or powder smearing will be allowed in Bangkok during Songkran next month, but when it comes to water splashing on the Thai New Year the rules are a bit vague. Quote unquote “Traditional water sprinkling” is allowed, but officials did not go into detail about what exactly that means. The Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee decided to allow…

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    Thai Airways finds new cash cow | GMT

    The Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee has decided to prohibit powder smearing and foam parties during the Songkran festival next month. Cash-strapped Thai Airways International earned over 1 million baht in under a minute on Tuesday. The 20th annual Bangkok International Book Fair. Thai elephants and more coming up on Good Morning Thailand with Jay and Tim

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    Thailand News Today | Thailand’s Tourism sector demands full reopening

    Tourism businesses in Thailand are struggling to survive and barriers to increasing the number of foreign visitors to the kingdom must be removed immediately. That’s the view of Chamnan Srisawat from the Tourism Council of Thailand, who says the Omicron variant, coupled with Russia’s war on Ukraine, has dealt a double blow to the sector. A TCT poll that surveyed…

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    80% of domestic tourists cancel Songkran trip due to Covid fears, financial woes

    More than 80% of domestic tourists in Thailand have cancelled their trips for Songkran, the Thai New Year, due to the spread of Omicron or financial issues during the pandemic, according to the Tourism Council of Thailand. A tourism official says the government should launch more measures to promote domestic tourism. Songkran is celebrated from April 13 to 15 and…

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    Put your water pistols away for Songkran 2022 | GMT

    Songkran water splashing is not looking good for 2022. A Vietnamese man travelling thousands of miles for his wife was catfished. Albino water buffalo sold for millions in Thailand. Is riding on a motorbike in Thailand worth the risk. All this and more on today’s Good morning Thailand with Jay and Tim.

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    Thailand News Today | One Thai province to declare Covid endemic on April 1

    After a Boeing 737-800 crashed in China, killing all 132 passengers on board, Thailand’s aviation officials have urged five Thai airlines to conduct thorough safety inspections of THEIR Boeing 737-800 aircraft. According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, leading domestic airlines, including Nok Air and Thai Lion, must obtain a Certificate of Airworthiness for all operational 737-800s. China Eastern…

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    Decision day for Songkran in Thailand 2022 | GMT

    The BMA and CCSA will have a meeting today to decide on whether there will be water splashing this Songkran. An explosion in the chao phraya. Thai university hazing incident update, Thai political election leaders and Arrests over pattaya night life. All coming up on todays Good Morning Thailand with Jay and Tim.

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    Should Thailand scrap the Thailand Pass? | GMT

    The Test and Go scheme and Thailand Pass registration are expected to be scrapped by June 1 if there is no surge in infections. Starting April 1, the mandatory quarantine period for unvaccinated travellers entering Thailand will be reduced to five days. BMA will consider whether to allow water-splashing activities to be held on Khao San Road during Songkran. The…

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    Pattaya says NO to water fights & parties for Songkran | GMT

    A music video was released by Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations, warning people about call centre scams. The mayor of Pattaya has approved the Songkran celebration but has changed the spotlight to traditional and religious activities instead. A “Thai Riviera” road will be built along the coast six of Thailand’s Andaman provinces. You can put your hopes to rest as…

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    Travelling to Thailand… It’s Complicated | GMT

    Complicated entry process of Thailand. A total of 32 university students in Thailand’s Isaan region are facing criminal charges. Villagers contacted Watchdog Foundation Thailand after hearing cats howling loudly and smelling a foul smell. A total of 10,661,150 baht in cash was found inside the living quarters of Luang Phor Yen Satchitto, the abbot of Wat Pa Song Tham. All…

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    Thailand News Today | Bangkok Police crack down on ‘Gentleman’s clubs”

    The five boating buddies of the Thai actress Tangmo should take lie detector tests — again. That’s the recommendation of Senator Somchai, head of the Standing Committee on Human Rights, Rights, Liberties and Consumer Protection.   He made the statement to the media after a meeting on Monday, in which he heard reports from the police and forensics pathologists involved…

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    Thailand News Today | Water fights are banned for Songkran this year

    It might soon get a little easier to travel to Thailand. The government plans to scrap the pre-departure testing requirements for vaccinated travellers entering the country under the Test & Go and Sandbox schemes. A spokesperson says they are waiting for confirmation.   Under the planned revisions, a PCR test is needed on arrival and a self-administered rapid antigen test…

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    Thailand News Today | Thai govt approves half Covid vaccine dose for elderly

    In a bid to persuade Thailand’s elderly population, and those with chronic illnesses, to get a Covid booster, health officials have approved using half the usual dose. Dr. Kiattiphum Wongrajit says the half-dose will be an mRNA vaccine, such as Pfizer, adding that officials are acknowledging the fear of side effects among the elderly. According to a Nation Thailand report,…

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    Thailand News Today | Health ministry suggests dry activities for Songkran

    The Covid-19 death toll is much higher than what has been officially reported, according to a recent analysis published in The Lancet, a medical journal. The analysis estimates that the global number of fatalities related to the Covid-19 pandemic reached 18.2 million by December 31, 2021, which triples the number of deaths reported at 5.94 million. The findings were based…

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    Health Ministry says to keep traditional Songkran activities dry

    Thai officials have yet to set regulations on the massive water celebrations for Songkran, the Thai New Year, but the Public Health Ministry is recommending dry activities for the traditional ceremonies. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, the ministry is advising that Thais avoid the traditional act known as “rod nam dam hua,” where water is poured on the hands…

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    Thailand News Today | Songkran will go ahead…but with what restrictions?

    The Thai government says Covid ain’t stoppin’ this year’s Songkran celebrations but insists that disease prevention measures will need to be followed. What that means for the mass water fights that were emblematic of the pre-pandemic celebrations remains unclear for now. According to a, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has given the green light for interprovincial travel and “all related activities” over…

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    Thai Songkran Water Festival is back after 2 years I GMT

    Songkran celebrations will go ahead next month after being cancelled for two-year hiatus. Thailand and Malaysia tourism officials are finalising the details of a “vaccinated travel lane” entry scheme. A video was widely shared among Thais of Pattaya taxi and win drivers crowded around a driver from Bangkok. All this and more with Jay and Jett on today’s Good Morning…