• Thailand News

    Rare spoon-billed sandpipers sighted in Phetchaburi

    Some of the world’s rarest migratory shorebirds, the spoon-billed sandpipers, have been sighted in the coastal haven of Phetchaburi. Phak Tale, nestled in Phetchaburi’s embrace, has become the temporary sanctuary for the illustrious spoon-billed sandpipers, captivating both local admirers and global enthusiasts alike. These elegant birds, distinguished by their distinctive spoon-shaped bills, are battling critical threats to their existence, magnifying…

  • Central Thailand News

    Large seabird finds refuge on Nonthaburi roof

    A large seabird found a refuge on a roof in Thailand’s central Nonthaburi province. At 5.30pm yesterday, a 63 year old Thai resident of Lebanese descent, Nadim Salhani, reported a large seabird perching on his home’s roof in Sai Ma sub-district of the main city district. Nadim’s children, 24 year old Kamin, and 26 year old Palisa, alerted him to…