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    Young girl finds and returns gold bracelet worth 70,000 baht to owner

    A primary 4 girl returned a gold bracelet worth more than 70,000 baht to its owner. Villagers flocked to praise the honest girl who picked up a 2 baht (approximately 30.32 grammes) gold bracelet and returned it to the owner. The girl, of Number 53, Village No. 2, Ban Talu Non Muang. Samrong Ta Jen Subdistrict, Khukhan District, Si Sa…

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    What is primary school in Thailand like?

    The education system in Thailand is mainly split into 3 different stages: preschool, primary, and secondary education. If you’ve just moved to Thailand, as a parent, it may seem confusing to navigate the local education system. Here’s what you need to know about primary school in Thailand. As an expat parent, understanding a new education system can be tricky, especially…