Moderna Vaccine

  • Phuket News

    Time frames laid out for vaccine booster shots in Phuket

    Authorities in Phuket have announced their plans to provide third and fourth vaccines as booster shots to protect the tourist province from Covid-19. The ministry of the Interior’s Phuket office issued the plan through the Phuket info centre that they operate, and was developed by the Phuket City development company, a group of businesses that work on major public service projects…

  • Covid-19 News

    Moderna finds booster shot effective against Omicron variant

    Following in the footsteps of Pfizer, Moderna has announced positive results in their study of how the mRNA vaccine stands up against the new Omicron variant. In their new assessment, the makers of Moderna found that, very similarly to the Pfizer vaccine, 2 doses of Moderna is less effective against the Omicron variant than previous strains, but a third booster…

  • Covid-19 News

    Moderna leader says vaccine likely less effective against Omicron

    The head of American vaccine maker Moderna said in an interview with Financial Times that their vaccine may not be strongly effective against the new Omicron variant. Stephane Bancel said in an interview published yesterday that it will take months to develop a new version of the vaccine that is tested and confirmed to be effective against the new strain…

  • Covid-19 News

    Thai Red Cross offers free Moderna booster for those qualifying

    For those that qualify, the Thai Red Cross Society will be offering free Moderna booster shots in late November at their headquarters in Bangkok. The booster shots of the mRNA vaccine long-awaited in Thailand will be given to people who are fully vaccinated and are over 70 years old. They will also offer the free shots to women over the…

  • Thailand video news

    Thailand Top Stories | CCSA confirms the shortening of curfew hours from Oct 16 onwards | October 15

    Natty gives us a quick update on the national Covid-19 situation as well as the top headlines in Thailand and around the region: CCSA confirms the shortening of curfew hours from Oct 16 onwards, Moderna mRNA vaccines set to arrive in November, illicit pills seized in Sonkhla, Bali’s airport reopened for international tourists, Japan’s new PM dissolved the national parliament

  • Covid-19 News

    Thai FDA approves Moderna vaccine for ages 12 to 17

    The Moderna vaccine has just won approval from the Thailand Food and Drug Administration to be given to teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. ZP Therapeutics, a division of Zuellig Pharma, distributor of the Moderna vaccine, made the announcement yesterday. In a statement, the company expressed gratitude to the Food and Drug Administration for approving the…

  • Covid-19 News

    Thai Red Cross order of 5 million Moderna vaccines in process

    The Thai Red Cross Society received notice from Zuellig Pharma, the company that distributes the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine, for a 5 million vaccine order to be shipped next year. The Red Cross already has a confirmed order of 1 million vaccines they intend to distribute for free and are scheduled to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2020. The letter…

  • Covid-19 News

    Thai Red Cross Society to give 1 million Moderna vaccines free

    As Thailand’s vaccination rollout plods along with Sinovac vaccines that have little effectiveness against the Delta variant of Covid-19 and AstraZeneca production far behind schedule, many nervous Thai citizens are looking to private hospitals and third party groups importing more effective vaccines to turn the tides in the battle against Covid-19. This week has seen a step forward as Thailand’s…

  • Thailand News

    Thailand to import 5 million Moderna vaccine doses for private hospitals

    5 million doses of the US-made Moderna Covid-19 vaccine will be imported to Thailand at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 to be administered by private hospitals. A set price of 3,400 baht for a package of the 2-dose vaccine, including service fees and insurance, was agreed on by the Private Hospitals Association. The first 3.9 million…

  • Covid-19 News

    Private hospitals in Thailand to offer Moderna vaccine packages for 3,400 baht

    Those in Thailand will be able to reserve a package of the 2-dose Moderna Covid-19 vaccine for 3,400 baht, according to the Private Hospital Association. Member hospitals agreed on the set price to cover both doses of the US-made Covid-19 vaccine as well as the service fee and insurance. Pre-paid bookings open up on Thursday while the vaccine deliveries are…

  • Covid-19 News

    Private Moderna vaccine price set at under 3000 baht

    Officials announced that private hospitals will offer the two shots of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine for a maximum of 3000 baht total. The Government Pharmaceutical Organisation expect to order Moderna first in the process of importing vaccines for paid usage, according to the Private Hospital Association. The GPO will act as the middleman because manufacturers generally only work with governments.…

  • Thailand News

    Thailand expecting 3.5 million Sinovac vaccines by end of May

    Another 3.5 million Sinovac Biotech vaccines have been confirmed to be arriving by the end of May, health officials said Friday. With a slow vaccine rollout putting Thailand’s ambitious July 1 reopening plan in jeopardy, the confirmation of another batch of jabs is welcomed news. The head of the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation announced the first million vaccines will arrive in…

  • Covid-19 News

    Thai people not given choice which Covid-19 vaccine they receive

    It’s free but you don’t get a choice. Thai Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul announced that people will not be given a choice of which Covid-19 vaccine they receive. Amid widespread criticism of the slow rollout of vaccination in Thailand, the health minister discussed the process of vaccines being approved for distribution within Thailand. Many are concerned about possible side…