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    Thai woman blames police drug search in vagina for miscarriage

    A Thai woman sued the narcotics suppression unit of Samut Prakarn Provincial Police, accusing officers of causing her miscarriage by searching for drugs in her vagina. The 30 year old woman, Orranee Ruangphueng, accompanied by her lawyer, filed a complaint against the Samut Prakarn Provincial Police’s narcotics suppression unit at Bang Bor Police Station on May 18. Orranee claimed she…

  • Thailand News

    Heartbreaking secret: Chinese couple’s repeated miscarriages unravel wife’s hidden sacrifice

    A Chinese couple’s repeated miscarriages raised concerns and worries until the husband discovered that his wife had been secretly taking abortion pills to protect the feelings of her 8 year old stepdaughter, who did not want a new brother or sister. The 30 year old man from Zhenjiang, Hefei, married a woman three years older than him. He faced emotional distress…

  • World News

    Blood test after early miscarriage could reveal cause and aid prevention

    A groundbreaking Danish study has revealed that a blood test taken after a miscarriage as early as the fifth week of pregnancy can help determine the cause and potentially lead to preventative treatments. One in 10 women experience pregnancy loss, a number that increases in countries where pregnancies occur later in a woman’s childbearing years. Henriette Svarre Nielsen, a Danish…